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Did Epstein Kill Himself?

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My Take

Happy Friday! Today, for something (marginally) light-hearted, I thought it would be fun to cash in on the biggest meme trend of 2019. What is that trend? Well, it’s exploring November’s biggest question: did Epstein kill himself?

Unfortunately, like everyone else in America (except for the Deep State, of course), I don’t know if Epstein killed himself. But, the circumstances of his death are certainly very suspicious. So, before answering “did Epstein kill himself,” let’s review those circumstances.

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The Circumstances of Epstein’s Death

Like most of his adult life, what happened exactly when Epstein did is a mystery. But, it’s a highly suspicious one. Here’s an abbreviated summary of what happened:

  1. Jeffrey Epstein is again arrested on charges of molesting minors. This had happened before, in Florida, but he was given a sweetheart deal for some reason.
  2. Details about his pedophile island begin to emerge. Clinton was down there, as was Prince Andrew. Creepy buildings and tunnels haunt the island and he supposedly had a network of groomers.
  3. Victims begin to testify on TV about what Epstein and his associates did to them.
  4. Epstein tries to commit suicide, but fails.
  5. Epstein is placed on a suicide watch.
  6. Epstein is taken off suicide watch, and a few short hours later is found dead, supposedly from hanging.
  7. The public is outraged and demands answers. Luckily for Epstein’s killer, the security camera footage is “unusable,” the guards were asleep, and somehow he was able to use tools in the room to kill himself.
  8. The American public, as usual, forgets about what happened.
  9. Finally, in October, the doctor performing his autopsy says that it is likely that Epstein was strangled because a certain bone in his neck was broken. That bone only breaks during strangulation.
  10. Public anger reignites

So, did Epstein Kill Himself?

After reading about the horrible things he did, it’s not hard to imagine that Epstein wanted to kill himself. Who wouldn’t want to? But that’s why he was placed on suicide watch…so he couldn’t.

Yet somehow he was able to, and now we don’t have answers about what happened. After reading the sketchy details, I think Epstein was murdered. Just like many of the other victims of the Clinton Foundation.


I try to shy away from conspiracies. Usually, the simplest explanation is the right one. In fact, the only conspiracy theory post I have besides this one is about the Clinton Foundation burning down Notre Dame. But that’s just a joke, as you would easily be able to tell if you check it out.

But, in this case, I couldn’t resist. It just seems too likely that Epstein was murdered by someone who didn’t want him to testify. So, what do you think? Did Epstein kill himself? Or was he murdered? Post your thoughts in the comments down below!

By: Gen Z Conservative

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