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Detroit Sues BLM, Alleging a “Civil Conspiracy.” It’s About Time!

detroit sues BLM


The specter of BLM riots haunted many a city this past summer, as many of you will certainly remember. Day after day, hordes of rioters and looters smashed shop windows, attacked bystanders and police officers, and plunged America into days of fire and darkness. It was anarchism at its worst; the state could not protect our lives or our property. With the news that “Detroit sues BLM” coming out, perhaps that anarchic time is finally ending.

Our natural rights were under attack and the attackers claimed they had a moral right, because of their skin color, to do so. For far too long, that happened with impunity; BLM was free to unleash its reign of terror on shop owners, its American Kristallnacht, without worrying about consequences or police action. But now, with Detroit suing BLM, that reign of terror might finally be over.

In this article, the details of why many news sources are claiming “Detroit sues BLM” and what the implications of that are will be covered. If you don’t have time to finish the article in its entirety, know that this might be a turning point. With the news that Detroit has sued Black Lives Matter breaking, Americans might be free to once again go about their business without living in fear of a Marxist terrorist organization attacking them or looting their business.

Detroit Sues BLM: What We Know

Source #1: “Lifezette: Detroit Sues BLM, It’s about Time Someone Did”

In a recent article entitled “Detroit Sues BLM, It’s about Time Someone Did,” author David Kamioner at Lifezette describes why it is important that Detroit is suing Black Lives Matter and what the details of that suit are, explaining that BLM’s destruction of cities makes it a terror group that more cities need to stand up to before noting that once city, Detroit, is finally fighting back:

“Detroit has filed a lawsuit against Black Lives Matter activists, alleging a ‘civil conspiracy’ and claiming the protests in the city ‘have repeatedly turned violent, endangering the lives of police and the public,’ according to reports. The city claims the activists participated in the conspiracy, ‘defamed’ the mayor and police, and contends that the city should be awarded damages…

The suit is explained as being justified because of BLM’s repeated attacks on civil society and its tendency to riot rather than peacefully protest.

Source #2: Fox News: Detroit Sues BLM “activists for ‘civil conspiracy’”

Fox News journalist Tom Calicchio, in a recent article, describes how the Detroit lawsuit against BLM represents a shift in how the city is dealing with the organization:

“The city of Detroit is trying a new tack during a year in which it, like many other U.S. cities, saw violent protests and destruction in the streets…The lawsuit was filed earlier this year”

Police have a right to defend themselves, property, and other citizens. If thugs like those in BLM are violently assaulting civil society, the police certainly have a right to respond. Similarly, a city has the right to respond to a violent terrorist group that is setting it alight. Detroit certainly has the right to sue BLM and it is good that it is doing so.

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Source #3: PoliceMag: Detroit Sues BLM, but Who’s Backing the Lawsuit?

In a recent article entitled “Detroit Suing Black Lives Matter Activists for “Civil Conspiracy,” the PoliceMag staff, in addition to providing the details noted above, describes what groups are attacking and supporting this lawsuit. Knowing who is providing support for which side is important because it shows what groups stand for law and order and which stand for anarchy and looting.

“The protesters have responded to the city’s lawsuit by seeking support from national legal groups and by appealing to members of the City Council to cut off funding for the city’s legal action.

The city has received outside backing as well, the report notes, including from the National Police Association.”

So, in essence, this is a battle between the people who uphold the law and groups that are trying to destroy the law. We should support law enforcement over law breakers.

detroit sues blm

Conclusion: The “Detroit Sues BLM” News is Important. It Means Cities are Fighting Back

For far too long, Americans had to live in fear. Whenever there was even the suggestion that someone was unjustly killed by a police officer, riots and violence ensued. That violence, which was caused by BLM, was unacceptable. In this country, you have a right to peacefully assemble. There is no constitutional or legal protection for looting, which is an act of violence that infringes upon the natural rights of others.

For that reason, the “Detroit sues BLM” news is quite important. It means that at least one city, and a very liberal one at that, is willing to stand up to the terrorists that have hijacked America. It means you can go back to your life because now, finally, BLM is liable for its horrendous actions and won’t be able to rob, mug, loot, and murder with impunity. Now, finally, that horrible organization is being held liable for its reprehensible and unjustifiable actions.

By: Gen Z Conservative