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Capitalism Doesn’t Destroy the Economy, Socialism Does

Whenever there are temporarily less than ideal market conditions, such as a drop in the stock market or temporary recession, the left blames that on capitalism. They lament the “death of capitalism” and call for ever greater controls on the market to correct those “failings.” Well, they’re wrong. Capitalism doesn’t destroy the economy. Socialism does.

With capitalism, the market quickly bounces back from whatever issues it faces, as happened with every depression/recession before the Great Depression. Then, with that one, we lost our minds and FDR put in place radical, socialist policies that crushed the economy and kept it down until World War II. During the Great Recession, Obama decided to put in place socialist policies rather than let the market sort itself out. The result was enriched bankers and auto executives, crushed average citizens, and far less freedom in America. Had he left it alone, the market would have bounced back and things would have been fine. But he didn’t and post-recession growth was far too slow.

Trump realized that and corrected it with pro-capitalism policies. Even during Covid, he relied on freedom and capitalism much more than the government. Then Biden installed himself in the Oval Office. Now we get to deal with yet more socialism. Just wait, Biden’s socialism will destroy the economy.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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