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Desiring Freedom is Not Selfish, Right Now or Ever

Why Desiring Freedom is Not Selfish

America is a nation premised on freedom. We’re not set up to prioritize safety above all else, whatever the petty tyrants in the bureaucracy or state government might tell you when they try to increase their power. Just read The Federalist Papers if you don’t believe me. That means, of course, that desiring freedom is not selfish, whether we’re perfectly safe anyway or in the midst of a raging pandemic like the Chinese Flu.

That’s not what those pesky and hypocritical tyrants like Governor Whitmer or Cuomo would have you believe, however. They love power trip that comes with forcing citizens to comply with their tyrannical and nonsensical laws, so they’re doing whatever they can to prolong the panic over the Coronavirus and accusing people who try to reopen their small businesses of being “selfish.”

That accusation is ridiculous. Even a basic understanding of American history shows that desiring freedom is not selfish. In fact, it’s patriotic. Do you think George Washington and his troops, as they fought for their freedom and froze and starved at Valley Forge, thought that they were being “anti-social” and “selfish” for standing up for their rights? No, of course not. That would be absurd. They understood that desiring freedom is not selfish.

Sadly, Americans have forgotten that salient fact of history. The left and its agents have infiltrated our public schools and erased any real understanding of history, so even some young conservatives don’t understand that desiring freedom is not selfish. That is a major problem for America. Our nation was founded on the idea of freedom and can only be sustained if the American populace values its freedom and does whatever is necessary to defend that freedom.

If, all of a sudden, Americans start to disavow their freedom and support Big Government instead, then there’s going to be even more problems in America. There’s no compromise between freedom and slavery, so as conservatives remain rooted in their belief in liberty and the left drifts more and more towards compulsion, civil society will continue to break down.

Really, this problem of not understand that desiring freedom is not selfish is the root of the battle over America’s fate and soul. The two sides are diametrically opposed; there is no middle ground between mainstream conservatives and the far left, which has taken over larger and larger chunks of the Democratic Party and has no belief in the American creed.

That means that conservatives, especially the young conservatives with the most energy and free time, need to stand up during this crisis and fight for their freedom. Reopen shops. Protest tyrannical lockdown orders. Defend your right to keep and bear arms like the patriots at the Virginia 2nd Amendment rally did. If you’re a college conservative, make sure to defend your right to free speech on college campuses. Do whatever is necessary to beat back the tyrannical left.

Thank goodness President Trump was president. Whatever else he did, at least Trump wanted to re-open America and start making America productive again.

Now that the Democrats were in charge, especially the petty tyrants like Governor Whitmer, the other Covid tyrants that don’t follow their own rules, and that lying fraud, Dr. Fauci, we will be living in a completely locked down police state. This made-up crisis is really about making you scared so that you forget that desiring freedom is not selfish. Don’t let the left succeed in that goal, the end purpose of which is to implement the Democrats’ anti-freedom agenda. Remember why your freedom is important!

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By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook