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DeSantis: People are Moving to States that Value Freedom

DeSantis, unlike many of the Conservative, Inc. Republicans, understands what’s going on in America right now and isn’t afraid to say what he knows to be true. The most recent example of Governor DeSantis’s ability to speak the truth came when he spoke Friday at the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL).

During that speech, in which Governor DeSantis blasted Democrats and Team Biden while also highlighting his record, DeSantis boldly and correctly declared that Americans are “moving to states that value freedom.” Watch him here:

For those that can’t watch, the specific quote is “But I do think that you’re seeing people move to states that value freedom.” Data holds Governor DeSantis’s claim to be true. According to the Washington Examiner:

Many people in the United States traded in their blue-state residencies during the coronavirus outbreak and migrated to Republican-led states where the cost of living tends to be lower and pandemic rules were generally less restrictive in a continuation of recent moving trends.

A report from national moving company North American Moving Services revealed that Illinois, New York, and New Jersey were the top three outbound states in 2020, with Idaho, Arizona, and Tennessee receiving the highest share of incoming residents among states.

The top five outbound states were rounded off by California and Maryland , where the inbound-outbound ratios were 36%-64% and 39%-61% respectively, while North Carolina and South Carolina stood among the five highest inbound states. California’s fleers largely went to Texas and Idaho, the report said.

While some of that moving pattern may be related to weather, as the sunbelt states many blue state refugees are fleeing to have far milder winters than the Northern states that lead the list of states Americans are fleeing from. However, that can’t be the whole story, as sunny, temperate California is in the top five list of states people are fleeing from, as is relatively temperate Maryland.

So, to some degree, at least, the movement of Americans from blue states to red states is based on what DeSantis says it is; Americans want to live in states that value freedom. Americans are fleeing the mask mandating, income taxing, and poorly run blue states for the better run, much freer red states, many of which don’t have income taxes.

And DeSantis, despite being one of the most outspoken about it, isn’t the only one noticing what’s going on. As Republican Governors Association Deputy Communications Director Mike Demkiw put it:

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“With a focus on creating the best possible environments for businesses, workers and families to succeed, states led by Republican governors are seeing more and more people become residents,” said Republican Governors Association Deputy Communications Director Mike Demkiw. “People are desperate to escape the heavy-handed, regulation-ridden big government approach pushed by liberal governors.”

Plus, as Forbes notes, the conservative migration isn’t just from state to state, it’s also from county to county, as Americans living in crime-ridden, riot-rocked cities flee to the suburbs and countryside:

The growing American divide, however, isn’t just between states—it’s also county to county. When urban centers across the country were besieged by rampant crime—including riots and civil unrest last year—many residents took that as their cue to flee as the Covid-driven work-from-home phenomenon became the new normal. For many urbanites, looking for a permanent way out meant migrating to the suburbs and even to rural communities.

Whatever the situation, it’s apparent that Americans are tired of living in the communities devastated by Democrat incompetence and are ready to move the better governed red areas that provide a far higher quality of life.

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By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.