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Governor Ron DeSantis: Campaign Update

{Editors Note: The following is an update from our friends at Team DeSantis, the campaign to re-elect Ron DeSantis – aka America’s fastest rising political star – as governor of the Great State of Florida.}

After officially announcing his candidacy for reelection on November 8, 2021 – exactly one year from Election Day – Governor DeSantis’ campaign has been moving full steam ahead.

The enthusiasm has never been more apparent for Republicans in Florida. Governor DeSantis broke the news in early November that for the first time in the state’s history, Republicans surpassed Democrats in the number of active registered voters.

This legislative session, Governor DeSantis is prepared to take decisive action to continue advancing Florida forward and solve real issues, including a $1 billion gas tax holiday, election reform measures to further secure Florida’s elections, education reforms to help both teachers and students, and additional measures to stand with Florida’s first responders.

If you haven’t heard, our campaign has made plenty of headlines for our new “Lockdown Libs” t-shirt.

As the campaign kicks into full swing, be sure to sign up on our website for more updates to stay in-the-know with all that’s happening on Team DeSantis.

Governor DeSantis is working every single day to keep Florida free, and we are going to work day and night to get him reelected this November. We want your advice and ideas. Please stay in touch.

Thank you for your support,

Team DeSantis

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Gen Z Conservative Editor’s Note:

For those of you worried about the relationship between Trump and DeSantis, one that the media apparatchiks are quick to say is collapsing or devolving into infighting, or some such nonsense, here’s what Trump himself had to say about DeSantis recently:

“When he wanted to run, he asked for my support and I supported him and he went up immediately very, very high.  He won the election the day I announced I was going to give him my endorsement. Then I helped him beat their so-called star, the Democrats’ so-called star, who turned out not to be very much of a star. But I have a very good relationship with him and we’ve had that for a long time and I was very supportive of him and I continue to be. I think he’s good.”

And in a different statement, this time on Hannity, Trump said “I have a very good relationship with Ron and intend to have it for a long time” and that “Ron has been very good. He’s been a friend of mine for a long time. It’s totally fake news.”

DeSantis also called the supposed rift a “fabricated media narrative.” The two aren’t feuding (but Kamala and Joe may be).

So, as the DeSantis campaign progresses, it’s doing so with Trump’s support and enthusiasm. The two are both proponents of the MAGA movement, not enemies, whatever the fake news media decides to make up and then “report.” 

Article Syndicated from Blue State Conservative