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DeSantis Calls Big Tech the Censorship Arm of the Democratic Party

DeSantis, like Trump, isn’t pulling any punches. After repeatedly clashing with the agents of the medical bureaucracy of Covid policy, standing up to the CRT-peddlers, and even recreating a Florida armed force, DeSantis decided to take on Big Tech, labeling the censorship arm of the DNC.

Specifically, DeSantis had this to say in an awesome tweet:

“Big Tech has become the censorship arm of the Democratic Party and political left, silencing and de-platforming anyone who rejects the chosen left-wing narrative.

Silicon Valley oligarchs shouldn’t be the arbiters of free speech in our country. We must fight back!” 

As you can tell from the tweet, DeSantis was responding to a Heritage Foundation video, in which Kara Frederick, a research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, testifies in a House Energy and Commerce Committee, Communications and Technology Subcommittee hearing, describing a massive disparity in who is censored by the Big Tech Masters of the Universe and the tools that Facebook uses to censor right-leaning content. Watch her here:

So, DeSantis was echoing those concerns; like many Americans, he is fed up with the Big Tech tyrants.

But, unlike many of his GOP colleagues, Governor DeSantis hasn’t limited his outrage to harsh words. He’s taken action against Big Tech, signing a bill into law in May that would give citizens the right to strike back at Big Tech when censored unfairly or for impermissible reasons. As the New York Post reported at the time:

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill on Monday that would allow individuals to sue social media platforms if they are “unfairly censored,” and penalize Big Tech companies that de-platform political candidates in the state — aiming to stifle the mammoth corporations’ attempts to “discriminate in favor of the dominant ideology in Silicon Valley.”

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The bill would allow for the Florida Election Commission to slam a $250,000 fine per day on social media companies that de-platform any candidate running for statewide office and $25,000 per day for candidates running for non-statewide office.

The legislation — which is slated to take effect on July 1 — would also require companies to give a 30-day warning period before a user is removed and would require companies to publish their standards for blocking and removing users and their content. 

That legislation, one of the many concrete steps that need to be taken to rein in Big Tech, shows that DeSantis doesn’t just understand the Big Tech problem as defined by Ms. Frederick, but that he’s also willing to fight back.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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