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Fighting Floridian – Gov. DeSantis Criticizes ‘Faucism’: ‘We Are Going to Protect Your Freedom to Make Your Decisions’

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) is known for talking off the cuff, which like former President Donald Trump, adds comments based on their content comprehension, enriching what was going to be a canned presentation.

On Tuesday Governor De Santis while speaking from Oldsmar, Florida, criticized “Faucism” in the reported surge of the COVID-19 variant, Omicron, promising Florida will continue to “protect your freedom to make your decisions.”

DeSantis briefly mentioned the emergence of the Omicron variant of the virus and the market’s initial reaction to the news, noting it was not fearful of the virus, but rather “fearful that governments would do destructive things in response to Omicron.”

“And in Florida, we won’t let them lock you down. We won’t let them restrict you. We’re not going to let them impose mandates. We’re not going to let them close schools. We are going to protect your freedom to make your decisions,” DeSantis declared, reinforcing Florida’s status as a bastion of freedom.

“And I have no problem if somebody is — if they’re scared of Omicron and they want to lock down or they want to isolate, that is absolutely their decision in a free society. But you don’t impose Faucism on the whole country or on the whole state. It’s wrong,” he said to applause.

Mr. DeSantis highlighted Florida’s response to the Delta variant over the summer and the success it had, including the setting up of dozens of treatment facilities for monoclonal antibodies.

“And guess what, in the last two months, we have the lowest or one of the lowest COVID rates in the entire country, in Florida. We have one of the lowest hospitalization census. … The last I looked, we had to the lowest percentage in ICU of anywhere, and you see it surging in other parts,” he said, noting that even Fauci admitted that virus will not suddenly disappear.

“It’s not like you lockdown and it will just go away,” he said

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If all the conservative governors would follow suit, Americans would have multiple states to visit, instead of Florida, Texas, and a few others, who protect their citizens from COVID while simultaneously ensuring individual Constitutional freedoms are defended for all.

Written By: Eric Thompson, host of the Eric Thompson Show. Follow me on his website ETTALKSHOWMAGABOOKTwellit & Twitter.  

This story syndicated with permission from Eric Thompson Show

1 thought on “Fighting Floridian – Gov. DeSantis Criticizes ‘Faucism’: ‘We Are Going to Protect Your Freedom to Make Your Decisions’”

  1. For anyone considering buying Robert F Kennedy’s book ‘The Real Anthony Fauci’ you should know that Kennedy does a lot of spiteful, jealous, vindictive bashing against president Trump in the early part of the book. Kennedy’s unnecessary name-calling against a former prez who sought only to do good for the nation and citizenry is an obvious display of malignant jealousy, born from being a product of some laughable floating castle and group of known globalists and deep state cult members who have the audacity to consider themselves kings and queens. Kennedy invalidated himself and his book regarding Fauci Mengele plus didn’t mention word-one about the pedophile Joe Biden and his corrupt connections which effected every single American in a most negative way. Add that much of the info Kennedy writes about Fauci Mengele is in the public domain and available free in govt and medical archives.

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