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Out of Touch Dems Rant about Trump, but Voters Care Far More about Pocketbook Issues

The vitriolic, rage-filled leftists continue to rant endlessly about Trump. Their main issue, other than pushing CRT and socialist policies on America, policies that have thankfully been relegated to the back burner thanks to CRT’s unpopularity and Manchin’s continued rejection of the BBB bill, is how terrible the bad orange man is.

Hence their continued ranting and raving about the supposed “insurrection” on January 6th and all they’ve done to hype up an event in which the only person violently killed was an unarmed woman shot by police and under $2 million in property damage was done.

When compared to an average BLM “peaceful protest,” the January 6th “insurrection” actually was “mostly peaceful.”

Relatedly, the left just can’t let Trump’s accusations of voter fraud in 2020 do. Instead of just moving on and focusing on proactive policies, they’re badgering on about it too and trying to use it to push even more radical policies, often ineffectively.

Despite Sen. Schumer’s protestations, for example, the leftist-pushed voting rights bill probably won’t get passed.

Nevertheless, those are the things that Democrats continue to focus upon. Rather than solving issues, they want to prattle on about how the bad orange man did bad orange things.

Unfortunately for them and fortunately for Republicans, that’s not what Americans want to hear about right now. They’d rather hear about the economic issues that actually affect them.

As a recent Gallup poll found, the economy, inflation and jobs are the issues that matter to the average American voter.

Though other issues certainly matter to them, such as the government’s generally poor manner of handling things, the polling shows that economic issues are coming back to the fore, with Americans looking at everything from inflation to the recent jobs report and thinking that those issues might need to be taken more seriously by the government.

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Being able to keep the lights on, after all, affects the average person a lot more than if a .5 degree temperature shift a century from now will somehow impact the penguins or polar bears.

Yet worse for Democrats is that more Americans (41%) think that Republicans can handle those important economic issues better than Democrats (only 38% think the Democrats would be better).

So, though Schumer attacks the filibuster and tries to push radical policies like the voting bill by saying such meaningless nonsense as “[We need] legislation to protect our democracy from subversion and safeguard the right to vote, including the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and the Freedom to Vote Act,” the average American isn’t listening.

Instead, the average American is getting agitated and wanting the government to start handling economic issues. Hopefully the GOP will recognize that and start to take it seriously.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.