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Many Democrats Want to Defund the Police. That is a Terrible Idea

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Democrats Want to Defund the Police: Why that Would End Poorly

Recently it has become incredibly obvious that Democrats want to defund the police. Not all of them want that. Joe Manchin probably doesn’t. In fact, according to a Politico article, Manchin said “You can’t defund the police, that’s stupid, it’s crazy and anyone who talks about that is nuts…You have to have the police.”

So, yes, some of them are still sane and don’t want to get rid of the men and women that keep America safe and I deeply commend them for that, as the winds of their party are pushing farther and farther to the left and more and more against law enforcement. But the sad fact is that many Democrats want to defund the police and leave Americans defenseless to the predations of the worst elements of society. I will show that in this article.

Examples of the Fact that Democrats want to Defund the Police

But, generally, it is fair to say that Democrats want to defund the police. Here is what Democrat politicians and voters have said to that effect:

In this tweet, a Just Department employee from the Biden Admin calls for defunding the police.
democrats want to defund the police
In this tweet, Sara Pearl, a Biden staffer, called police pigs .
democrats want to defund the police
In this tweet, the same Biden staffer, Sara Pearl, called for defunding the police.
democrats want to defund the police
In this series of tweets, Democrat Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib expressed her support for defunding the police.
democrats want to defund the police
In this tweet, leftist writer Jamie Ford called for defunding the police.
democrats want to defund the police
And, finally, in this screen clipping from a campaign website, Democrat Sara Gideon of Maine called for defunding the police.

So, as those tweets and campaign messages show, Democrats want to defund the police. And not just the radical Antifa and BLM Democrats that are throwing Molotov cocktails in the streets and looting businesses.

No, (semi) respectable ones are too. Congresswomen, congressional staffers, and Congressional candidates. While Joe Manchin might be a voice of reason and is against defunding law enforcement, many members of his party are not. Americans need to recognize that, especially during this election season.

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Why Defunding the Police is a Bad Idea

I’ll be the first to admit that I have many problems with how the police operate. As I wrote about in my articles on why Orwell was right, if Americans would recognize tyranny, and what the Virginia 2nd Amendment sanctuaries are, along with many of my other posts on gun control and red flag laws, I think the police need to be watched as a potential force for tyranny. They have enforced unconstitutional laws in the past, generally related to guns and alcohol, and will do so in the future.

But that doesn’t mean we should defund the police. Instead, it means we should build closer relationships with them so that they won’t be willing to enforce tyrannical laws, just as examples of police misconduct mean they need better training, not less funding.

Even more importantly, America is full of criminals right now. While the best defense against criminals and looters is a gun, as I’ve written about before and Lt. Col. Jeff Copper spoke about, the police are needed to maintain law and order.

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Thanks to illegal immigration, there are thousands of cartel and MS-13 gang members here. Thanks to cities like Balitmore, Chicago, and Detroit not going after criminals, we have tens of thousands of gang members. And thanks to radical BLM and Antifa rhetoric and wimpy mayors, we have far too many violent rioters in the streets. Chicago is a war zone, Detroit is a haven of criminals, and Oregon is a failed state. The solution to those problems is more law enforcement, not less, yet Democrats want to defund the police.

It’s easy to see that many Democrats haven’t thought through their calls to defund the police, or they just don’t care about their constituents and the lives of American citizens. That’s because when police retreat, criminals advance.

Crime in NYC was dramatically in August. According to NBC New York, “For the month of August 2020, there was a 166% increase in the number of shooting incidents across the city compared to the same time period last year (242 v. 91) as the number of shootings rose in all boroughs except Staten Island. Year-to-date, through August 31, there is a +87% spike in citywide shooting incidents (1,014 compared to 541).”

According to the Star Tribune, “Violent crime has surged to record highs across Minneapolis this year, rising in more prosperous neighborhoods that typically experience few such incidents while continuing to exact the heaviest toll in the city’s poor, ethnically diverse areas. Through last week, the city had logged 3,674 violent crimes — defined as homicide, rape, robbery and aggravated assaults — up 17% from the previous five-year average for this period, according to a Star Tribune analysis of police statistics.”

Nationally, the WSJ found in early August that “crime statistics among the nation’s 50 largest cities found that reported homicides were up 24% so far this year, to 3,612. Shootings and gun violence also rose, even though many other violent crimes such as robbery fell.” That has only increased since, as lawless criminals have become even more emboldened.

In short, Democrats want to defund the police, but doing so would be disastrous for America. Our cities would continue to decline in economic importance and population as criminals run wild and law-abiding citizens flee. Now’s not a good time to be in a blue state.

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Make no mistake, many Democrats want to defund the police and support the riots. And not just that, they want to leave you defenseless. They want a disarmed populace and will try to take you guns.

That’s why we desperately need a red wave in November. Democrats want to defund the police and, in the process, destroy America as we know it. And Joe Biden won’t get in their way to stop that attack on law enforcement. Is that want you want for America? Lots of crime and no police? If not, vote red on November 3rd and do it in person.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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