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Democrats Want a Disarmed Populace. That should Scare Republicans

Do Democrats want a Disarmed Populace?

Yes. They do. In my mind, there is not a shadow of a doubt that the Democrats want a disarmed populace. Many of the Democrats want to use gun control and gun confiscation to disarm America so that they can force their tyrannical and unconstitutional policies upon us. This meme does a great job of showing that.

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Obviously, 30 round magazines generally aren’t needed for hunting. However, I think that it is important to point out that higher capacity magazines are very useful for hog hunting.

But that doesn’t really matter. Hunting is only one of the reasons to own a firearm. For the other reasons to own a firearm, such as self-defense and fighting back against tyranny, having larger magazines is incredibly important. You have to have the right weapons to fight tyranny.

Because high capacity magazines are crucial to fighting against tyranny, it is especially unsettling that Democrats want to ban them. What tyrannical policies do the socialist Democrats have in mind?

Probably many. Socialism, gun confiscation, and mass immigration are probably the first policies they would begin to implement after restricting magazine size. As patriots, we shouldn’t tolerate any of those eventualities.

What George Washington would say about Disarming the Populace:

I believe George Washington summed up the argument in this meme best in his quote on guns and trust. In that quotation, he says

“when any nation mistrusts its citizens with guns, it is sending a clear message. It no longer trusts its citizens because such a government has evil plans.” George Washington on Guns and Trust

When Democrats so blatantly show that they don’t trust us with weapons, you have to wonder what they are planning. My guess is that it’s nothing good. Why would Democrats want a disarmed populace if they weren’t planning on doing anything nefarious?

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If you don’t believe me, just look at countries that have implemented gun control and socialist policies like the Democrats want. Venezuela is starving its own citizens and running over protesters with armored cars.

Tyranny in Great Britain is a huge issue now that citizens can’t defend themselves. For example, the British government restricts even basic rights such as free speech nowadays.

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As shown by those nation, socialism and gun control certainly don’t mix well; that toxic combination is called tyranny and state-sponsored murder. Democrats want a disarmed populace. Don’t let them have one!

Because if people like Joe Biden and Beto O’Rourke get what they want, conservatives will be in a dangerous and quite precarious position. The Democrats hate us and their agents, especially those in Antifa and BLM, are out to get us. You need a gun, namely an AR-15, to defend yourself and your property from those thugs and rioters. If you give that right up to appease the woke mob that hates liberty, you’ll also risk losing your life.

Democrats want a disarmed populace so that they can tyrannize the American citizenry. They want their rioting constituents to not face any danger when they go on a rampage and attack small businesses. They want their criminal constituents to be able to hold you up without you defending yourself. And they want, like the looters in Atlas Shrugged, to be able to collect anything of value you have earned or made without having to risk you defending it and fighting them off.

The Democrats are aspiring tyrants, as the Covid lockdowns and shutdowns have shown. We must keep that in mind when considering such other ideas as the fact that Democrats want a disarmed populace. Do they want such a populace so they can carry out evil plans, or simply because of some innate hatred of firearms? Who knows, but I’d certainly have trouble betting against the former.

By: Gen Z Conservative