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Democrats Then and Now Meme

Democrats Then and Now in America:

There has been a huge shift in Democrat sentiment. Capitalism and service to one’s country has been replaced by Bernie Sanders’s socialism. Democrats then and now are very different breeds of “democrats.”

Back when men like JFK were in the Democrat party, patriotism still ruled. Sure, he had views that I’d disagree with, but he was still an American patriot. JFK and men like him truly believed in American exceptionalism and set out to defend it. That is why he is one of the presidents that we should thank for their service to the nation.

He fought for our country in World War II, built up our army to defeat the communist menace, and showed the world just how impressive Americans could be. Sure, he might have gotten us into the Vietnam quagmire, but at least he loved the country. Unfortunately, that has since changed.

Now, the Democrats are mainly the likes of AOC and her “squad.” They don’t love America. They don’t believe in American exceptionalism. What do they believe in instead? Idiotic and un-American policies that would not only completely divorce America from its founding ideals but also lead to our complete and utter economic ruin. With the policies of the incompetent AOC put into practice, America would enter a depression from which it would likely never recover.

Those policies vary widely. One example is socialism. Despite professing an undying faith in socialism and socialist ideals, they don’t even understand socialism. Yet they still want to force socialism on the rest of us.

And they support Antifa. Or at least they refuse to denounce it, which is completely unacceptable. Antifa is an un-American, socialist group of terrorists and thugs that shows how much the Democrats have changed since the days of JFK.

Finally, Democrats support gun control and limiting the 2nd Amendment nowadays. Given that it is part of the Bill of Rights, getting rid of the 2nd Amendment shouldn’t even be part of the political discussion. Yet, because the democrats then and now are so different, modern democrats have forced it to the forefront. Hopefully they aren’t successful.

Socialism is a creed of misery and envy, not one of patriotism. It can’t be allowed to succeed! Democrats used to love America. Now they just want free college. That’s the difference between Democrats then and now. Sadly, far too few Americans recognize the difference. They think AOC is somehow comparable to a great hero of America and defender of freedom like JFK.

Pay any price, bear any burden,” JFK’s catch phrase, is about supporting freedom-loving people worldwide. Not spending unheard of sums in the make-believe world of tens of trillions of dollars on idiotic projects like converting the American power grid to “renewable energy.” We need to relearn that by relearning the difference between Democrats then and now. Democrats then, like JFK, loved America. Democrats, now, like AOC and Bernie Sanders, don’t. They hate everything we stand for and have stood for. We can’t let them win.

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By: Gen Z Conservative


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