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Poll: Democrats Don’t Want Brandon in 2024

President Brandon, who is now apparently so senile that he’s willing to say “let’s go Brandon” on the phone, isn’t a favorite of the Democrats anymore.

While Pelosi and others might gush about him in public, it’s growing more and more obvious that the left might be looking for a way to dump him.

And even if that can’t happen before 2024, a Yahoo News survey found that only a small fraction of the Democrats want Joe to run in 2024.

In fact, what it found was that a shockingly low 32 percent of the Democratic Party wants Slow Joe to run again; 41 percent don’t want him to and 27 percent are unsure.

Though the poll admittedly took the opinions of Democrat-leaning independents into account, it’s shocking that the current president has such a low base of approval within his own party; at this point far more want him not to run than want him to run.

That’s bad news for both Democrats and Brandon, as they seem to have conflicting views about the issue; Brandon has said that, if his health permits, he’ll run again.

His party obviously doesn’t want him to, so that could be a conflict if his brain and its few functioning cells somehow make it three more years and still look good enough for him to run again.

That’s unlikely, as his brain already seems to be running on fumes, but could be an issue.

Adding to the muddled situation is that Biden has said he’s more likely to run if Trump runs. Given that more Republicans want Trump to run (~44%) than support any other candidate, him trying for a second term is a distinct possibility.

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Thus, though not likely, perhaps, it’s a distinct possibility that America could see a Trump-Biden rematch in 2024, with Democrats unsupportive but backing a brain-dead Brandon. In such a case, the recent American Greatness poll found that Trump would be ahead by about 8 points.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.