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Democrats are Professional Looters

A Young Conservative’s Thoughts on Why Democrats are Professional Looters

If someone, without asking your consent, regularly took a percentage of your money without giving you a choice, constantly agitated to take even more of your hard-earned money, demanded that you not raise prices (which they unjustly call “price gouging“), and took money from your profits on investments and business ventures, what would you call that person? A thief? A criminal or mafioso? Perhaps a looter? Well, in truth, any of those would be correct.

But, in my opinion, there is one more descriptor that would describe those people and happens to go along with all the other descriptors: “Democrat.” That’s right, I think it is indisputable that Democrats are professional looters.

Perhaps you find that a bit extreme. “Sure,” you think to yourself, “I don’t like it when they demand my business give them even more money, but that’s just the cost of living in a civilized society. Taxes are what maintain the roads and police force, right?”

And yeah, you’d be correct. There are a few legitimate roles of government. Running the courts, maintaining a military to defend our borders and trade, and policing the country are the most obvious ones. Personally, I think infrastructure is another; even Adam Smith says it is in The Wealth of Nations.

Regardless, those roles are relatively inexpensive. They are but a drop in the bucket of each year’s massive federal spending bill and some of them, such as infrastructure and policing, should really be carried out by the states, not the federal government. That means the massive, sometimes punitive and unconstitutional, taxes that Democrats support are completely unnecessary.

In fact, they’re probably counter-productive because they reduce, rather than increase, our productivity and prosperity. It’s a fact, for those of you that don’t know, that higher taxes are bad for the economy. Our government is supposed to find initiatives that support the economy. The Democrats are professional looters that have found ways to drain the economy of wealth; Trump and Republicans, on the other hand, just want to boost the economy. Boosting the economy, for example, is how President Trump is helping black Americans and digging them out of the hole Lyndon Johnson put them in with his War on Poverty.

The high taxes the Democrats want aren’t about funding vital matters of national importance. No, they’re just aspects of the envy of socialists that we’ve seen for decades and are used to support ridiculously expensive welfare policies. Or, in other words, the taxes the Democrats support show that the Democrats are professional looters; they don’t care about the country, they just want your stuff.

The Democrats always want more of your money. That’s an inescapable fact of life. Sure, Republicans support some level of taxes and spend far too much. But, at least they support tax cuts, such as the Trump tax cuts.


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That is why, I think, Ayn Rand called progressive politicians throughout Atlas Shrugged. The leftist bureaucrats that tax and regulate businesses are a plague on society that loot profits, limit innovation, and stifle the free market. We need to unshackle the economy from those government-imposed restraints as soon as possible. Our continued prosperity demands it.

We conservatives, especially young, college-aged conservatives that have decades ahead of being taxed and regulated, need to stand up to the gangsters in government. The Democrats are professional looters and that is an irrefutable fact. They steal profits, tax those that work to redistribute wealth to those that don’t work, and care about power more than America. They’re looters, not patriots, and Americans everywhere need to recognize that salient fact.

Whether it’s the ones in charge that show that Democrats are professional looters, or the rioting constituents of those members that are robbing businesses and showing that Democrats are professional looters, the fact is indisputable. We need to start emphasizing it.

Emphasizing it is the best way for Republicans to start winning again in national politics. Real Americans don’t like the fact that there are currently Marxist looters that seem to be running the country. They want a restoration of law and order. Trump will restore that law and order because he knows that Democrats are professional looters and their many of their constituents are basically amateur looters.

Looting is not justice. Republicans know that. Most centrist Americans know that. Democrats used to know it, or at least they did before it became obvious that Democrats are professional looters. Now is the time to start pushing back against the leftists that want to destroy our country and loot the productive businesses in it. We have a step up on them now, they’re professional looters that seem to be doing their utmost to destroy our country.

So, let’s fight back. Push back on their ideology, the ideology of looting and greed. Furthermore, we need to openly and clearly state the fact that the leftist ideology of looting, as so wonderfully articulated by Ayn Rand in Atlas Shrugged, is as prevalent in Democrat politicians as it is in Democrat constituents. Looting isn’t just smashing windows and stealing TV sets. It’s also creating unfair levels of taxation that punish the successful for the “crime” of being successful, as Hank Rearden discussed in his courtroom speech in Atlas Shrugged.

Looting is evil and Democrats are professional looters. Let’s do our utmost to fight back against them and make sure that they aren’t able to loot America in the manner that they want to.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook