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Many Democrats are Marxists. Is that Helping Them?

Introduction: Democrats are Marxists

Today’s article on the fact that Democrats are Marxists and that may be helping them, like the recent article on understanding the US Constitution, was written by Garrett Ward Sheldon, a former UVA professor. He has also written articles on what made American academia greatwhat President Trump and King David have in common, and why Trump will win again in 2020. All of those are, like this article on the fact that Democrats are Marxists, also terrific and are worth reading if you want to learn more about President Trump and the state of America’s universities.

Today’s article, despite its dreary subject matter, is different than the others in that it is less academic and more light-hearted in tone. So, it should be appealing and fun to read for all of you. Additionally, I think it is an excellent explanation of what unique threats are posed by the fact that many Democrats are Marxists and the overall death of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.

Those are important subjects because of the recent revelation that BLM is a Marxist organization that is full of terrorists, so, in my view, this article is one that every conservative should read and understand. We must be well-versed in the thoughts of our political opponents for, as the saying goes, “keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” We need not be too friendly with the radical left and the Marxists in it, but we should at least try to learn how they think so that we can defeat them.

Without further ado, enjoy reading this article on why many Democrats are Marxists and what effect that will have on their party! -Gen Z Conservative

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Marxism and the Democratic Party

It seemed, by the end of the Obama Administration, that America had lost the Cold War and Communism has triumphed because of the almost totalitarian expansion of the central government regulations controlling the economy, education, the media, the Intelligence Community, and health care; but fortunately the American people and traditional American political culture reasserted itself and we just missed walking off the cliff into outer darkness. 

The struggle continues, of course, but the tide has turned against the radical left. But as farmers and hunters in this rural Virginia always tell me: “A dying animal is the most dangerous thing there is.” A dying raccoon, bobcat, or even possum, will attack you if you get within 100 yards of it. A dying animal is frightened, desperate, vicious, and has nothing to lose. Liberal Democrats are like a dying possum – ridiculous-looking but deadly. This is because their whole system is collapsing, and they are holding on like a monkey clinging to a slippery tree limb. 

democrats are marxists
Like AOC, many Democrats are Marxists. Image from: Culture War Resource

Their Marxist ideology could actually help them out of these death-throngs, but they don’t have any intelligent Marxists left and that Communist fantasy itself has some fatal and ironic flaws. 

Old Karl Marx had one brilliant insight that caused millions to follow its failed topic into poverty, misery, and humiliation, while in search of prosperity, peace, and happiness. That insight [of Marx’s] was that human invention and technological advances affect everything else in society: politics, education, the media, etc.

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When a new economic “system” replaces an old one (say modern industrial capitalism over medieval agrarian feudalism) the elites associated with the old “means of production” get pushed out by those associated with the new, more efficient economics. Naturally, they try to hang on, holding back the change that will cost them their power and prestige.

Ironically, it is the “Progressive” Democrats that now are the old “moribund” class, clinging to an outmoded system of central government control over education, media, health care, etc., and the Trumpite conservatives actually represent the more advanced technology! Decentralized media and medicine; due to high-tech production and marketing; new educational, military, and retaining advances, the old centralized controls in government and business (and international nations) are being supplanted by more innovative, efficient (and national) inventions and communication.

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When new internet science provides competition for the last Liberal monopolies (MSM, Google, FB, YouTube) the transformation will be complete. For now.  

Usually, these social changes lead to bloody revolutions, civil wars, etc., which we [in America] have mercifully avoided; but there certainly has been legal, political, ideological, and social warfare these past three years. Our open, democratic, law-abiding system will hopefully keep this transition peaceful, if tumultuous.  

The best thing for Liberal Democrats to do is admit defeat and join the party. But giving up Establishment power is hard to do, even if it just means sharing power.  

For Marx’s theory had a couple of blind spots. For example, he didn’t understand that technology can diversify when it advances. He thought that once the railroad industry became monopolized, it would control everything and -bam- on would come the socialist workers’ revolution! He didn’t see that other means of transportation, such as cars and airplanes, might be invented!

But nobody’s perfect. The key that old Carlos forgot was that economic progress actually works better in a free, open, creative atmosphere (like democracy and capitalism), where elites know that they have to adapt.

I’m reminded of the aristocratic English family in “Downton Abbey” that adapted to the Modern world and ended up keeping many of the cherished traditions in an even more prosperous state. The stodgy Progressives could learn a lesson from this and surrender gracefully, keeping more while sharing their power.  

By: Garrett Ward Sheldon

Image at top from: Democracy Journal

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