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Democrats are Hypocrites about Sexual Assault Allegations

My Thoughts on Why Democrats are Hypocrites

This article can essentially be thought of as a “part 2” of yesterday’s article on if Joe Biden, in addition to being corrupt, is a rapist (he probably is). But what’s even more disturbing than Biden’s almost certain tendency to engage in sexual harassment is the fact that Democrats are hypocrites that are unwilling to live up to their own standards about accusations of sexual misconduct.

Before you say that you don’t think this situation proves that Democrats are hypocrites, just think about the facts of the situations and what the left has said in the past. Remember what they said about Brett Kavanaugh? Biden, Warren, and others all remarked that not only did they think Kavanaugh forced himself on Dr. Ford, but also that he shouldn’t even have a chance to defend himself.

With their full-throated defense of Joe Biden, it's quite obvious that the Democrats are hypocrites about sexual misconduct and many other issues.
What Elizabeth Warren said before it was inconvenient to defend women

Similarly, in regard to sexual misconduct on college campuses or in the workplace, Democrats insist that you should always believe the woman. It took Betsy DeVos to get rid of those kangaroo courts. That was their whole point of instigating and supporting the #metoo movement.

But, of course, that didn’t work out for them. Republicans, generally, tend to not really do that sort of thing. Pence, for example, won’t even dine with a woman other than his wife if they’re alone. That might be too prudish, but, still, it means he’s probably not going to be #metoo’d, nor will people say “Mike Pence is a hypocrite” like I’m not saying that “Democrats are hypocrites” about sexual misconduct. Republicans have their faults, we all do. I am certainly not claiming otherwise. But the people most set back by #metoo are not Republicans. They are Democrat legislators and leftist Hollywood-type people that care more about instant gratification than morality.

Democrats, on the other hand, have a much worse record. Not only is Joe Biden probably a rapist, but so is Bill Clinton. Anthony Weiner needs no introduction. Epstein, who didn’t kill himself, had a pedophile island for fellow Democrats. And many of the fake news media people have been accused of sexual assault.

For the Democrats, the accusation against Joe Biden is by far the worst of those because it has the most potential to impact their chances at holding onto power. The others are all bad, yes, but the opportunists in the Democratic Party can toss those people away. Now that comrade Bernie has dropped out, however, they can’t easily toss away Joe Biden. He is with them to stay and is their only chance, now that the impeachment charade is over, of removing President Trump from office.

So, instead of being attacked and castigated, as the code of the Democrats and #metoo would have you think, the Democrats have defended Creepy Joe Biden with all their might. As a result, Joe Biden’s misconduct has shed light on the fact that Democrats are hypocrites and the fact that the quality of Democrat candidates has declined precipitously over the past few decades. In the past, Democrats at least stood for something, even if they were wrong. Now, it is obvious that Democrats are hypocrites.

If they were principled and actually cared about protecting women, then Democrats would be doing whatever they could to openly and honestly discuss the allegations surrounding Joe Biden’s conduct. That would be honorable, and, I think, widely applauded by most of America.

But that’s not what they did. Instead, they’ve reneged on their principles and launched a full-throated defense of Joe Biden. Elizabeth Warren said she believes him and, in doing so, showed that she has completely forgotten what she said during the Kavanaugh confirmation. Biden, being senile, hasn’t said much other than that he denies it. Kamala Harris is a hypocrite that at one point said that she believed Biden’s accusers, but then denied thinking that once he offered her the VP spot. Like other Democrats, she claimed to stand up for women, but turned a blind eye once that support for victims of sexual assault became politically incorrect.

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Other Democrats have directly contradicted themselves and done the polar opposite of what they did during the Kavanaugh hearings and confirmation. That’s sad and shows not only how the Democratic party has changed and is a mess but also the fact that Democrats are hypocrites.

what warren says now shows that the Democrats are hypocrites
What Warren says now about sexual assault allegations against Biden

Biden should have been unelectable no matter what. He was an absolutely terrible presidential candidate, especially when compared to President Trump. But the Tara Reade accusations against him made things far worse for Democrats. He and his indiscretion have shown the world that Democrats are hypocrites. They just wanted to slander Republicans. They don’t care anything about the women they claim to be protecting. That’s tyranny and hypocrisy, not a virtue.

Democrats are hypocrites in other ways too. How they demand gun control but are protected by armed guards, have gated mansions but demand open borders, and support #metoo but continue to engage in sexual misconduct all show that. Americans must remember that during the 2020 election. Do you really want an entire party of power-obsessed hypocrites to be in charge of our nation?

Hopefully, you do not. It’s very unfortunate that Creepy Joe Biden “won” the 2020 election. He didn’t deserve that win, not least because he and the other Democrats are hypocrites about sexual assault. But, he’s in office now. All that’s left for us to do is keep the accusations of Tara Reade alive so that others know about Joe Biden’s lecherous tendencies and see him for who he really is and the Democratic Party for the horrific, hypocritical organization that it really is. Luckily, Cuomo is helping us out with that.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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