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Democrats Are Destroying America

Look at every single policy the Democrats support. Open borders. Being soft on China. Cutting military spending. Continued lockdowns and closed schools. Increasing welfare spending with everything from free college to Medicare for all. Dramatically increasing taxes. Regulating industry and stifling growth. Putting men in women’s bathrooms and women’s sports with the Equality Act. Incredibly restrictive gun control. Encouraging social media censorship and pushing for even more dramatic limitations on free speech. Canceling the Keystone XL pipeline. Etc. Democrats are destroying America with their horrid, anti-American policies.

What’s worse is that they don’t even appear contrite about it. It’s not like they looked at these policies honestly and tried to find out what is best, what works and what doesn’t. Instead, they blindly push policies that fail every time they are tried. If you’re a freedom-loving American, you should be worried. Democrats are destroying America and, right now, they control the entire government.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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