October 19, 2020

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Democrat Tyranny and Hypocrisy

Democrat Tyranny and Hypocrisy is Destroying 21st Century America

My Take on Democrat Tyranny and Hypocrisy:

I saw this tweet and loved it. It so clearly shows the Democrat tyranny and hypocrisy in our politics. For example, look at all the contradictions. Those politicians listed- Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, AOC, and Obama- all want you to believe they are saints. However, they are far from it. Instead of exemplifying the ideals that they preach, they are complete hypocrites.

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As I recently mentioned in my “Weapons to Fight Tyranny” post, tyranny is that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry. One look at the aforementioned contradictions is all that it takes to know that those Democrat politicians have tyrannical tendencies. If they didn’t, then they wouldn’t act in that manner. Instead, they would live lives that show why they believe the right things. They would avoid non-eco friendly means of transportation. Or avoid guns entirely. Or give away their entire income to the government. But they don’t do that, of course. Living what they preach would mean making lifestyle sacrifices and admitting that they are wrong. They are unable to do that.

The leftists cannot manage to give up their private jets or yachts. Despite telling us to hand over our guns and give up the sacred right to self-defense, they keep their security details that are armed with weapons most Americans cannot own.

And they certainly will not live out the socialist policies they preach; right now, if they wanted to, they could go form a commune and all live together, perfecting the socialist ideal. But, they will never do that. They do not want to be living examples of the socialist policies they preach, instead, they want to use those policies to control your life and make you miserable. Always remember that; Democrats are Marxists that are after control, not equality.

I recently discussed why politicians never admit that they are wrong and use that recognition of error to teach in my “Elizabeth Warren’s Lies” post. So I don’t need to rehash it here. But, just remember that these Democrat politicians, and of course many other politicians on both sides of the aisle, aren’t innocent do-gooders. Instead, they are aspiring tyrants. They want to do the same things that they say you shouldn’t be able to do. Not only is that hypocrisy, but also it is tyranny. Stand up to Democrat tyranny and hypocrisy, standing up to it is crucial to liberty!

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Furthermore, standing up to Democrat tyranny and hypocrisy is crucial for us young conservatives and college conservatives if we want to be able to speak on college campuses. Right now, leftists are doing all they can to silence conservatives, especially young conservatives, who they fear because young Americans supporting ideas like limited government goes against the supposed demographic trends that Democrats are counting on. So, we need to fight against the leftists that want to rule us and claim that they will do so because of demographic trends.

I think that the best way to do so is to call out Democrat tyranny and hypocrisy for what it is: tyranny and hypocrisy. Point out that Bernie Sanders is a vicious hypocrite and fraud. Point out that Elizabeth Warren is a liar. Call out leftist students for their intolerance when they claim to be in support of “tolerance.” Remind everyone of the leftist predilection for compulsion.

If we start showing our peers just how sick and awful the leftist ideology is and the depth of evil and tyranny that it leads to, then we might avert disaster and win the culture war battle for America’s fate. But to win that we have to fight. Fight and win the culture war by calling out Democrat tyranny and hypocrisy at any opportunity.

That will not be easy. Fighting the culture war will be difficult, stressful, and something that will lead to us being slandered. Leftists hate when Democrat tyranny and hypocrisy is called out, especially when we are able to use examples of it to point out that they are not really after equality or supporting the common person. So, they will do whatever is in their power to try to stop us.

But, despite all that, I still think that we Republicans can win this. We are the good guys. Where there is Democrat tyranny and hypocrisy, there is Republican virtue and respect for rights and individualism. We Republicans, especially young conservatives, a group that overwhelmingly believes in small government, do not want to control anyone. We are neither tyrants nor hypocrites. The leftists are. They are the ones who want to control your life and make it fit their agenda.

Once we tell people that and show them the truth, they will have no other choice but to see that the Democrats are the bad guys because they are tyrants and hypocrites that want to make up ridiculous rules that you have to follow but they do not. They’re just like the socialist leaders in The Gulag Archipelago or Atlas Shrugged that preach one thing, usually helping the “common man,” while doing the exact opposite. We must keep them out of power.

By: Gen Z Conservative


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