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6 Insane Democrat Positions and How Republicans Should Respond

In this installment of our weekly Sunday Six conversation, PF Whalen and Parker Beauregard of The Blue State Conservative examine six inane positions currently embraced by Democrats, and the appropriate reaction that should come from Republicans.

PF: There is so much absurdity amongst Democrats, choosing just six isn’t easy; perhaps we should turn this effort into multiple segments, similar to your Flip-Flopping Dr. Anthony Fauci series. And it seems like a new silliness emerges every week, each more ludicrous than the next.

Regardless of the issue, the most fundamental aspect of any Republican response to Democrats needs to be an insistence to stand by conservative principles. Democrats are all over the place. One minute they’re beating the drum for defunding the police, and the next minute they’re backtracking on what “defund” means. Voting Republican should mean voting conservative, and that will be a winning strategy. Conservatism works and leftism doesn’t. Leftism is just a lie. So, stick to your guns GOP, and have some backbone.

President Biden and Congressional Democrats are spending money like vacationing teenagers who just found their parent’s credit card. Biden’s been in office for a little over 100 days, and he’s already proposed over $6 trillion in new, additional spending. At this rate, Biden will end up with $87 trillion in additional federal spending – not including our regular, normal spending – of money that doesn’t even exist. It’s lunacy.

We have about 35% of the country which will vote for anyone or anything with a “D” next to its name. Those people are morons, and they’re hopeless. But the other 65% are where the battle will be won. Some of them, many of which are Democrats, liked that $1,400 stimulus check from Biden in March, and they like the idea of free everything; at least initially. But even naïve millennials can do math, and Biden’s spending spree isn’t adding up. Republicans should press for austerity and restraint on government spending. It might not be appealing initially, but as inflation skyrockets, which is an inevitable byproduct of the Democrats’ binge, voters will get it.

They’ll feel it, and it will hurt. Republicans should be on the record supporting less spending before it happens, thereby positioning themselves for voters to come to them.

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Parker: Unfettered and unrestrained spending could quite easily become our downfall. No one truly has a grasp on what $30 trillion dollars of government debt means, nor do they realize how inflation could cause a panic in banking, grocery stores, oil, and every other essential good currently taken for granted. Americans have lived a life of luxury for so long that it is literally impossible for them to envision the worldwide corruption and poverty that is now knocking at their own door. Reducing spending, taxes, and imposing austerity measures is a start, however it might be too late regardless.

As spending and inflation rise, there will inevitably be a moment when our personal safety and wellbeing will rely on our ability to defend ourselves. This defense will not come in the form of happy thoughts, niceties, or leftist utopian ideals. Instead, it will come down to firearms. From this administration, we are witnessing an attack on the single most important idea outlined in the Constitution – the right to bear arms. The second amendment protects and guarantees the rest of the rights communicated in our founding documents, and the preservation of gun ownership is the only thing standing between us and absolute despotism.

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If the political left had their way, every legal gun owner and police officer would be stripped of their right to possess handguns, shotguns, rifles, and every other mechanism that is relied on for personal and societal preservation. Two things would happen at once: 1) Society would devolve into warloadships like the one seen in CHAZ, with criminal and ruthless power being the sole determinant of leadership, and 2) Any semblance of government would crackdown on liberty and independence to frightening levels. We would return to serfdom, and it is hard to see how there would be a way out.

Given that dreadful scenario, the obvious recourse is to whole-heartedly and unconditionally support firearms. The conservative movement has pockets of staunch second amendment support, but more than the base needs to rally around this cause. Every freedom-loving American has to come to terms with the simple fact that removing guns not only doesn’t end crime, it drastically decreases liberty and safety. Basically, everything they say will happen won’t, and it will magnify everything they purport to seek. Conservatives, particularly conservative political leaders, should educate the public on the absolute necessity of the second amendment and, where possible, make access to firearms and ammunition more available.

There are plenty of terrific educational videos on the statistics of gun ownership, criminal use of guns, and rebuttals to the notion that stripping law-abiding citizens somehow makes us all safer, but I stumbled upon this gem of a video some years and it presents such a cogent, powerful statement that it’s simply worthy watching in its entirety.

PF: Like most other issues, the transgender debate originated within our culture, but has now spilled over into politics. Most social issues have tended to shift to the left over the last few decades, most notable of which are gay rights and the environment. But public opinion on abortion has moved to the right, and ultimately so will the transgender debate.

The problem for the left regarding their transgender stance is that their message is entirely incoherent. It makes no sense. They’ll tell us that gender is critical to everything as they put on their pink “Feminist Power” hats, and then tell us that gender is malleable and irrelevant as they slip on their “Genitals Don’t Define Gender” t-shirts. It can’t be both, and it is this fact that makes transgender a winning issue for Republicans.


In the 1990s, certain Republican leaders attempted to rebrand the party as loveable “compassionate conservatives,” and that approach was a mistake. Conservatism is compassionate by its very nature, and inserting the adjective was stupid. But that same adjective, “compassionate,” should be the GOP’s strategy here.

Those who consider themselves “transgender” are afflicted with a condition known as Gender Dysphoria. They don’t deserve to be mocked or scorned, they deserve respect and treatment, just like anyone else who suffers from a mental abnormality. Republicans should make this their starting point with every discussion. Those who are transgender deserve our compassion and our empathy, and playing along with their delusion is not compassionate; it’s enabling. Demanding that we change our language by bastardizing the usage of pronouns is ridiculous. Insisting that little girls who think they are boys are in fact correct and should be given hormone therapy is outrageous. And allowing disturbed biological boys to compete athletically against girls is twisted.

Republicans should embrace these positions on the transgender debate while pointing to the science behind it and allow Democrats to make fools of themselves. And they should do so while showing true compassion. The Democrats’ transgender position is unsustainable, and eventually public opinion will shift accordingly.

Parker: The self-named Party of Science really missed the mark on the transgender movement. Of course, that’s the same “party of science” that says life doesn’t begin at conception, that says nuclear power isn’t a solution to the supposedly imminent climate change doom, that says masks and lockdowns are viable solutions to a virus, that says guns pull their own trigger, and that ignores data when discussing systemic racism. So, it’s not like that’s a surprise.

Race is the preeminent issue of the political left. Critical Race Theory, the 1619 Project, H.R. 1, woke corporate trainings, media coverage, and a host of other social justice agendas have been forceful and intentionally inserted into the daily lives and activities of nearly all Americans. Kids are exposed to the harmful lies as soon as they enter the education system. The irony in all of their efforts is that while they proclaim whiteness as being the pinnacle of power, there is absolutely no power in speaking up or speaking out on behalf of whiteness. White pride? Racist and supremacist. Black pride? Beautiful. White men asking for merit to be the order of the day? Racist and supremacist. Blacks asking for affirmative action and other governmental preferences? Necessary. Hell, women-abusing, drug-using, prison-serving black losers are revered in society for simply having the audacity to resist lawful arrests. But the claim goes that white privilege is everywhere.

As this itself has become a systemic issue, part of its dismantling can and must occur at a systemic level. Donald Trump previewed these efforts by attempting to band CRT from federal professional development, and that’s a start, but it needs to come from every conservative leader and address every segment of society. There is also legislation coming out of Republican-led state houses seeking to ban the use of white- and America-hating curriculum from schools. Again, it’s a start, but it must become universal.

There must also be protection – legal, professional, or otherwise – for people that speak out against the hateful insanity of racial justice work. No, police do not murder blacks. No, the educational system is failing blacks. No, blacks are not systematically oppressed. No, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd were not murdered. In my line of work, even questioning the prevailing cultural narratives would lead to ostracization and unemployment, as it would for countless others. Yes, we have values and principles; but, we also have families to support. I don’t mind pariah status at work, but I do mind not being able to pay my mortgage or feed my kids. Having witnessed the Derek Chauvin trial play out, I am not at all convinced the legal system would defend me from maniacal race hustlers and social pressure. From that perspective, we must have guaranteed protection for questioning or sharing political beliefs.


PF: For me, the most disturbing position that’s been taken by Democrats over the past several years has been their direct opposition to Americans’ freedom of speech. They don’t even try to hide it anymore. If they don’t like what you’re saying, they want you silenced, which is a major departure from years past. It used to be that we could have open and honest discussions on issues, but not anymore. The party of tolerance has become entirely intolerant.

Democrats have been clever in framing their anti-speech argument around two boogiemen they’ve used to scare their sheep: hate speech and misinformation. It’s a clever approach because for anyone who’s not paying attention – which apparently describes a large swath of our electorate – hate speech and misinformation are easy to rally against. The problem, of course, comes when we try to answer this question: Who gets to decide what is hate speech, and what is misinformation?

For Democrats, stating concerns over illegal immigration or Islamic fundamentalism is hate speech, and reporting on the fact that Hunter Biden’s laptop contained email messages linking his father to shady business dealings is misinformation. Neither classification is true, obviously, and fallacies such as these could be easily exposed by competent Republicans.

Republicans need to hammer this issue. Once they regain control of the Senate and/or the House of Representatives, there needs to be hearings galore with social media companies, and Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act needs to be shredded. Hold those companies accountable for shutting down conservative voices. They need to hold mainstream media outlets accountable for their rejection of fair practices as they act as Democratic Party cheerleaders who shut out anyone on the right. Victory might only be accomplished by the reshaping of public opinion, but that opportunity exists. We need Republicans to stand up and seize it.

Parker: Perhaps encapsulating this entire conversation is the realization that one party hates what this country is and was founded on, whereas the other seeks to retain and continue improving upon its greatness. Make no mistake, the Democrats in their current iteration are looking to no less than to destroy this country’s institutions and poison its inhabitants’ minds. What end result, other than dystopian and nightmarish horrors, comes from open borders, defenseless citizens, hyperinflation, bankrupting climate change and healthcare policies, and tribal divisions along racial (and other) lines? You said that 35% of the American population will forever vote Democrat. That is as maddening as it is disheartening to know so many stupid, ignorant, and ungrateful rubes had the universal privilege of living in 21st-century America and felt like it wasn’t enough. These same people could probably go to Heaven and be disappointed with what they found.

The entire conservative movement must communicate what will happen if the Democrats and the left get their way. They need to call out individual cities like Baltimore, Portland, Detroit, St. Louis, and the rest – led entirely by Democrats and corrupted entirely by people hell bent on causing chaos. They need to call out states like California, once the envy of the country for its beauty and opportunity, that have descended into filth and decay for the majority and an elite upper class that is indifferent to those plights. The messaging of what voting Democrat portends must be at the forefront of platforms and positions. And, it’s time to draw a line in the sand. There can be no more “go along to get along” traits that have slowly eroded our country over the past several decades. At this point, political compromise only comprises our values and principles.

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