Democrat Corruption is the Real Scandal of 2016-2020

democrat corruption is the real scandal
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Democrats acted as if Trump’s phone call with the Ukrainian president was somehow the greatest scandal to ever shake America. Forget Nixon and Watergate or President Harding’s infamous “Teapot Dome” scandal (which was much more serious than it sounds), Trump demanding investigations is the most dreadful scandal America or even the world, has ever seen! Of course, Republicans know that’s ridiculous and that Democrat corruption is the real scandal.

Real Americans supported Trump, not impeachment, because they recognized impeachment is just a charade meant to discredit Trump and hide how truly awful the democratic candidates are. But, that’s not all. The really important aspect of Trump’s impeachment is that Democrat corruption is the real scandal.

Why is that? Well, because the impeachment trial has shown the very depths of Democrat corruption that they tried so hard to hide. Joe Biden is obviously corrupt and his son, Hunter, is a scumbag who accepted money for doing nothing other than lobbying his father, impregnated a stripper and got kicked out of the Navy for cocaine use. And the Democrats are mad at Trump for wanting those corrupt exemplars of political misconduct investigated! They are mad because Trump refuses to play by their rules and hide the fact that Democrat corruption is the real scandal that Americans should worry about.

Unfortunately, the mainstream media is on the side of the Democrats, as described in Politics is a Joke! and Righteous Indignation, so they’ve willfully misrepresented all of that and won’t ever tell Americans that Democrat corruption is the real scandal.

As a result, few Americans know the true level of the Bidens’ corruption or how they’re related to the Ukraine scandal, not to mention the other examples of Democrat misconduct, so they aren’t really informed about what happened or why, which is bad for those of us that realize that Joe Biden is not a moderate, know Democrats are Marxists, and want Biden to lose in a landslide. Luckily for us, Roger Kimball of Spectator USA has corrected that with his recent article, “The real impeachment scandal.” In his article, Kimball shows just why Democrat corruption is the real scandal.

Read Kimball’s article here:

The Article on Why Democrat Corruption is the Real Scandal

First, Kimball shows just how hypocritical and openly partisan the Democrats are. In his view, which is also my view, the Democrats are motivated not by fairness or any overarching ideals, but rather by pure power politics of the sort found in 48 Laws of Power or The Prince. They’re going after Trump with a vengeance and because of hatred, not out of any sense of principle, just as they (falsely) accused the Republicans of doing during the Clinton impeachment.

Their hypocrisy is both aggravating and disappointing. It shows that we cannot trust the Democrats to do the right thing; they care nothing about American culture or preserving norms. All they care about is power. That’s why Democrat corruption is the real scandal.

Next, Kimball discussed how ridiculous the entire impeachment sham is and why most American’s really couldn’t seem to care less about it because they know that Democrat corruption is the real scandal. Americans can see that the impeachment coup against Trump is motivated not by principle or fact, but rather by just wanting to get rid of President Trump by any means possible. Their accusations are obviously false and their motives are far from noble. Americans can see that and are disgusted by it, especially because Trump is the only politician that has fought to free the American people from the heavy burden of regulation and taxation.

Finally, Kimball comes to the main point of his article; Democrats are guilty of those very corrupt acts that they are currently smearing Trump for and claiming that he is guilty of. In other words, Democrat corruption is the real scandal. Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and the rest of the crony members of the Democratic Party are all hypocrites that want to impeach Trump for doing the very things they do, even though he has never acted corruptly in his life, whereas they are more or less career criminal. But, for some reason, we Republicans can’t seem to fight in the same way that the Democrats do. The Biden family scandal somehow got turned into Trump’s issue, for example.

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My Analysis of Why the Real Impeachment Scandal is Democrat Corruption

I wholeheartedly agree with Kimball; your average, realistic American recognizes that even if Trump isn’t perfect, at least he’s great for the economy. Every day is Christmas with him as President and whatever the radical, hate-filled left might say about him, Democrat corruption is the real scandal, not his conduct.

Democrats, on the other hand, would destroy America’s economy and rip our once-shared culture into shreds. AOC is an imbecile that would lead the economy to ruin in basically the exact same way as the politicians did in Atlas Shrugged. Joe Biden is a corrupt, senile moron who can’t be trusted to deal with foreign nations or the radicals in his party. And Bernie, of course, has a sham of an agenda and is an avowed communist.

But the fact that Democrats are impeaching just to cover up those very obvious shortcomings isn’t even the real scandal!

Instead, Democrat corruption is the real scandal. As Kimball says, they did just about every single thing they’re trying to impeach Trump for doing. They conspired with and hired foreign agents. They spread lies and misused intelligence assets. Democrat sympathizers within the FBI and DOJ turned those organizations into pro-Hillary, anti-Trump dens of deceit and corruption.

Trump, of course, did nothing other than take on the Deep State and cut taxes.

So, who’s the bad guy? Who is the corrupt, anti-American actor in all this? To me, it’s quite obvious that the Democrats were acting nefariously and need to be punished for that.

Conclusion to Why Democrat Corruption is the Real Scandal

Thankfully, the horrendously unjust impeachment trial is finally wrapping up. Republicans know Trump is innocent and the Democrats’ charade has fallen completely apart. That was bound to happen sooner or later, so we should all be pleasantly surprised that it happened sooner rather than later and the Democrats couldn’t drag it out by pulling too many turncoats like Romney to their side.

But, that acquittal was certain from the start; no one actually thought Trump should be removed from office for a harmless phone call. The real story here is the story the media won’t cover. What is that story? It’s that Democrat corruption is the real scandal and the real threat to America’s national survival and integrity. Read Kimball’s article. Don’t forget the lesson. It’s too important.

So, now that you have read this, you know that Democrat corruption is the real scandal. But do not keep that hidden. Share it with everyone you know. Email this article around. Share it on social media. Do whatever it takes to make sure people know the truth, which is that Democrat corruption is the real scandal.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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