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Democrat Celebrities and Republican Founding Fathers

Democrat Celebrities and Republican Founding Fathers: Where Each Party Gets Its Support From

Democrats like to brandish the support they have from the media elites whenever one of the culture wars arguments comes up. “If,” they ask, “everyone in America who is well-known is a liberal, then what legitimacy do Republicans have?” Honestly, at first glance, it seems like a somewhat fair question. It does occasionally seem like everyone who’s successful is a Democrat. But, as I’ll discuss in the remainder of this post, that statement isn’t as true as Democrats would like nor is ideological legitimacy dependent on support from contemporary elites. As you might guess from the title of this post, “Democrat Celebrities and Republican Founding Fathers,” while Democrats get their legitimacy from celebrities, Republicans get theirs from the ideas of the Founding Fathers.

First, I think it’s worth saying that not all of the elites are Democrats. Sure, with the exception of Kanye West, most entertainment celebrities are, as you can read about in Righteous Indignation and Politics is a Joke. But, on the other hand, that doesn’t mean what Democrats seem to think it means. Just because actors and a few CEOs are leftists doesn’t mean everyone who is successful is one; far more CEOs, important lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, and military leaders are Republicans. So, there are many successful people on our side. Most of them just aren’t as high-profile as the leftist celebrities, so they seem invisible.

Secondly, and definitely more importantly, ideological legitimacy is not premised on the celebrities that support your cause. It’s based on how effective and just your ideas are. On that count, (small government) Republicans support far more of a legitimate ideology than Democrats. Read The Federalist Papers, Anti-Federalist Papers, and The Wealth of Nations. In other words, read the base political and economic ideas of the founding generation.

Traditional, small-government Republicans, whether they lean more towards the Federalists or Anti-Federalists, are firmly on the side of the Founding Fathers. Relatedly, that might be why we are far more amenable to keeping statues of them, even if they owned slaves.

On the other hand, Democrats are nowhere near the ideology of the founders. Their democratic socialist, pro-welfare, anti-free market, and anti-individual liberty ideology is diametrically opposed to the ideals of the Founding Fathers, who abhorred the idea of government-funded welfare and statism.

All that is to say, next time a Democrat asks you who supports your ideology, don’t respond by saying “Kanye West.” That just sounds idiotic; he’s insane. Instead, say the Founding Fathers. Our ideology, with a few adjustments, is their ideology. The Democrats, on the other hand, are much closer to the evil ideology of Karl Marx, no matter how many simple-minded celebrities support it. There’s a divide in the country between the Democrat celebrities and Republican Founding Fathers. Or, more realistically, there’s a rift between the supporters of each. Luckily for us, those who are Republicans are on the right side of history and are real Americans.

By: Gen Z Conservative