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Democracy in the Middle East Meme

Democracy in the Middle East Meme:

Democracy in the Middle East Meme

My Thoughts on Democracy in the Middle East:

The Middle East has long been a troubled region. While it and its inhabitants have many, many positive attributes, it is more well-known for its negative ones. Violence, terrorist cells, dictators, and utter brutality. All of which are topics that Robert Fisk does a great job of reporting on in The War for Civilization.

Those negative attributes are awful to see in the news; the suffering caused by them is absolutely heart-wrenching. So, we Americans naturally want to help ease that suffering. That is a noble goal but is almost impossible to do through interventions meant to establish democracy in the Middle East.

When thousands of people want to inflict harm on their fellow human beings, it is hard to stop them. Furthermore, the path charted by our leaders to ease the suffering, creating democracy in the Middle East, made the task completely impossible. Just read Extreme Ownership to get a glimpse of how American policies in Iraq limited the ability of our troops to fight as they needed to and defeat the terrorists to that democracy could triumph.

Our leaders, George W Bush in particular, wanted to create institutions so that there could be democracy in the Middle East. The problem with that is that the nations they chose to try that nation-building out, Iraq and Afghanistan, were not ready for democracy.

They were boiling kettles of ethnic hatred and young men ready to die for a cause, so, naturally, they burst completely into flames as soon as their dictatorial governments were removed. The result was absolute chaos because those nations didn’t want democracy; they wanted violence and the ability to settle their differences on the battlefield.

One way of thinking about that impediment to democracy in the Middle East is through the lens of the American Civil War. Did the North and South want to coexist? No, they wanted to fight it out. So, after Sherman the war criminal and Lee and his Lieutenants did so, tensions eased somewhat and democracy could take root in a way that would have been impossible to do so beforehand.

The lesson from that is that we need to let tensions in the Middle East fizzle and then settle down before we get involved and attempt to change their government. For nations that are currently peaceful and democratic, great, help them stay that way. For those that aren’t, let the groups that hate each other fight it out first.

Israel is the only stable democracy in the Middle East, and even it struggles with violence and repression from time to time and the Israel Lobby in the US acts against American interests.

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The surrounding nations are even less ready for democracy, as our adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan showed. What is the solution to ease suffering and violence in the Middle East? I don’t know that there is one other than letting the violence burn itself out without our involvement. What I do know is that fighting forever wars in the desert isn’t effective. Doing so is only costly.

Until cultural forces shift towards and openness to democracy, there won’t be democracy in the Middle East. It doesn’t want it. Our leaders need to learn and understand that. They should look at the aversion of the Founding Fathers to entangling alliances and foreign wars, not hawkish pundits like John Bolton.

By: Gen Z Conservative


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