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Hilarious Video: This Delivery Driver Barely Speaks English But Can Say “F*** Joe Biden”

I have to admit, I’m a bit more of a “let’s go Brandon” than “F*** Joe Biden” kind of guy. Not because of the vulgarity of the latter option, but rather because I like the multiple levels of irony, sarcasm, and utter distaste for Biden and the media present in the former. While I appreciate the energy of FJB, I just love all the layers of LGB.

In any case, it’s always a pleasure to hear either. I’m not picky when it comes to showing distaste for the leftist regime, especially if it’s funny.

The Libs of Tik Tok that humor-based nail on the head with one of their recent videos, this one about a delivery driver that’s new to English but took the time to learn how to say “F*** Joe Biden.” It’s hilarious, watch it here:

As people on Twitter were quick to comment, the driver’s hatred of Brandon likely stems from his hatred of communism and the CCP.

One commenter, for example, said “He’s most likely here because he hates the CCP. That’s why I don’t get the hate some people have for Chinese immigrants. They love freedom.

Another, hitting the nail on the head in an equally true way, said “He will do whatever he can to prevent America from becoming China.

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Other than those comments, which get to a real issue, it’s just comedy. Sure, it’s important to note that no one with a brain wants to see the US turn into red China, least of all those that fled that tyrannical nation. But mostly it’s just funny. Or, as Wayne Dupree put it on his site’s discussion of the video:

It’s only 10-seconds, but it packs a punch and says a lot about what’s happening in this country.

Sometimes if I see something “interesting” or “amusing” that I think you’ll like, I just want to share it with you.

Not everything has to be “heavy,” right? Sometimes a little quick humor lightens things up.

Very true. Sometimes it’s good to just laugh, especially in dark days like these when a demented overlord is wrecking the nation.

So, have a drink, have a laugh, and choose: are you an FJB person or LGB person? For those that can’t decide, here’s how I defined the two groups in a post on the subject:

On the one side, we have the LGB, or “let’s go Brandon” community. These people aren’t the originals, but they are the lighthearted jokesters. They might not have been the first ones chanting things about President Brandon, whether because they thought the original chant was too vulgar or because they were just behind the curve, but once they heard that dumb reporter say “let’s go Brandon,” they knew they had found the perfect phrase. It wasn’t vulgar, so there were more opportunities to chant it. While it was a phrase meant to attack President *, it also was an attack against the duplicitous media. In short, it was funny and effective, but a good bit more lighthearted than the original. It’s a running joke, not a cry of anger and despair.

On the other side, you have the FJB community, the “fuck Joe Biden” crowd. These are the uncles everyone hopes won’t say anything too bad at Thanksgiving, the housewives that can’t stop posting conspiracies on Facebook, and the “doomer” college students angry at the world. At this point, most of their friends have switched over to “let’s go Brandon” because it seems more lighthearted and isn’t as vulgar. Not these people! They get that the imitation can never be as good as the original and think that the only way to effectively stand up to the ruling oligarchy is to attack it with shocking vulgarity. Hence the “fuck Joe Biden” chants in public. It’s not about appearing reasonable or making people laugh, it’s about sending a message.

Hope you had a laugh! FJBLGB!

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.