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Time is Running Out – Open Your Eyes and Defend Your Freedoms Now

There will soon come the day in America when your constitutional freedom to redress your government will be changed. Hate speech laws and changes to what is deemed legal protesting are already written into bills in Pelosi’s House as we speak. The Justice Department and Homeland Security have designated dissent as a domestic terrorist threat that must be a priority to monitor and act upon. Oligarchs running the portals of media and social platform communications are censoring and shutting down all avenues of free speech.

If you believe the scenes playing out in Afghanistan, Venezuela, Cuba, and elsewhere could never happen in your country – you are wholly ignorant of history and in denial of the mechanisms that create the energy and will for populations to submit. Technology may have advanced the reach and speed of the societal takedown, but the methodology is as ancient as man.

Time is running out dear Americans for you to peacefully assemble and lawfully petition your government for change. What are you waiting for?

Take up iron working to build your pet parrot a gilded cage and stop erecting the very bars that will bind you.

 RWR original article syndication source.