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A 4 Part Plan to Defeat the Pantsuit Empire

Some call it the American Globalist Empire. Some call it wokeness, and simply imply that it’s spread around the globe. One author and podcaster, BAP, the guy who wrote the Bronze Age Mindset, refers to it as The Pantsuit Empire, which is my favorite term.

Whatever you want to call it, we all know what the term refers to: the ideology of social justice, debauched behavior, and anti-whiteness that has taken over the elites of most of the Western world.

It’s the ideology that has foisted things like drag queen story hour, degenerate modern art, transgenderism, “equity,” critical race theory, and the “own nothing and be happy” slogan on schoolchildren, university students, and adults everywhere from Portland to Kabul.

It’s the ideology that had US troops and NGOs teaching villagers in Afghanistan about urinal art, spent tens of millions on gender studies programs in Pakistan, and made US embassies around the world raise the rainbow flag.

It’s the ideology behind MSM companies like CNN slandering Kyle Rittenhouse for defending himself while covering up the anti-white motives of the mass murderer in Waukesha.

It’s the ideology behind the metaverse, mandatory vaccines, and replacing the term “pedophile” with “minor-attracted person.”

I could give you more examples, but you get the point. The mindset behind The Pantsuit Empire is the mindset pushing woke nonsense on everyone it can possibly reach. So, how can we defeat it?

Step 1: Live a Traditional Life that Would Make Your Forefathers Proud

As Jesus said, you need to take the log out of your own eye first. Or, in other words, fix yourself before meddling in the affairs of others. That means trying to live a traditional life yourself before pulling the world back to a reactionary path.

Do so by following in the footsteps of your ancestors: get married and have kids, lift weights to improve your body, read to improve your mind, get involved in your community, spend more time outside than on the metaverse, eat a diet of meat and potatoes rather than soy and seed oils, and worship the Lord Christ Jesus.

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Living such a life will not only strike a blow against the Pantsuit Empire types that want you to live in a pod, alone, worshipping nothing other than mammon and pleasure. It’ll also lead to fulfillment. A life on the solar path of Apollo always beats a life on the debauched path of Dionysus because the true happiness that comes from living a moral, fulfilling life trumps the pleasures of a debauched lifestyle every time.

Furthermore, by living such a life you’ll set yourself on a path to reject the Pantsuit Empire. They want you to a bugman, to chase after the goods and pleasures pushed by the programming and ads on every mainstream media channel while living a life without God or family. They want you reliant on their ideals and the state. If you reject that path and live the righteous, independent life men did before the Progressive Era, you’ll establish yourself as one that has rejected their agenda.

Step 2: Start Doing Everything You Can to Disconnect from Their Services

Much of what the Pantsuit Empire offers is useless, if not deleterious.

Take a few of the FAANG stocks. Netflix wastes your time and corrupts your mind with degenerate shows like Cuties. The newest Apple products just take your money out of your pocket and deposit it in theirs in exchange for a product of limited marginal utility when compared with other products or older products. Google tracks you and censors your search results, always trying to push you to the left.

Similarly, the services provided by the government elements of The Pantsuit Empire are little better. Goverment schools suck and teach kids to hate America. Their libraries are full of woke books, their museums full of left-leaning revisionist history, and their services (especially welfare services) suck out your soul and replace independence with dependence.

Reject all that trash. Homeschool your kids. Read a book instead of watching Netflix. Get cheap books from a small bookstore rather than a woke library. Go to a battlefield and learn for yourself rather than dithering around in some wokeness-obsessed museum. Get a Freedom Phone rather than an Apple phone. Shop at a small business rather than large retailer. Participate in local charities rather than government programs. In short, reject what The Pantsuit Empire has to offer and replace it with something community-based, pro-American, and/or meaningful.

Step 3: Do Everything You Can to Support Populist Candidates

No, this isn’t a paean to Republicans. Most of them, especially Conservative, Inc. losers like McConnell and RINO traitors like Mitt Romney, are just as invested in preserving the Pantsuit Empire as the Soros and Gates leftists we traditionally associate with it.

But, populists of the Trump/DeSantis/Hawley mold are trying to fight the globalist elite. They’re taking on Big Tech, resisting medical tyranny, fighting to limit foreign wars, and generally pushing for traditional values over the degenerate values of the modern-day.

They’re the ones pushing to limit our involvement with Red China. They’re the ones stopping the elites from going full authoritarian. They’re the ones fighting for free speech and gun rights.

So, support them. Never let someone get away with an unaddressed, negative comment about them. In any electoral race, from your local school board to the presidency, vote only for populists that will fight the Pantsuit Empire and its agents in government, NGOs, and Big Business.

That means not voting for or giving to the usual GOP suspects. It means getting in political fights with everyone that supports the Pantsuit Empire. It means taking an open stand against the Leviathan.

That’ll be difficult. But, if you want to win, it’s necessary.

Step 4: When We Win, Act Like Sulla and Augustus

Here’s what Augustus and his fellow triumvirs did when they secured the purple, as is described in Adrian Goldsworthy’s excellent Augustus: First Emperor of Rome

The triumvirs presented the proscriptions as the necessary elimination of enemies of the state and its leaders. They declared that Julius Caesar had shown clemency only to be murdered by the very men he had spared. They did not intend to repeat that mistake, and so would kill without mercy anyone they considered to be an enemy, ignoring even ties of friendship and family.

In those proscriptions, they took a lesson from Sulla and did what was necessary to crush their enemies. In doing so, they secured the empire and defeated their enemies totally, all in the space of a few years.

That’s the sort of mindset the populists need when they get back into power. No more clemency, no more “compromise,” no more settling for half-measures. Act like Sulla or Augustus.

That will mean seizing university endowments, as JD Vance has recommended. It’ll mean using state force to ensure Big Tech platforms don’t continue to censor legal speech. It’ll mean stopping rioters in the streets, rather than letting them loot and set fire to cities. It’ll mean blocking Soros’s funding of DAs, prosecutors, schools, and NGOs. It’ll mean pulling out of globalist agreements and reacting against those that continue to push us toward the preferred policies of the pantsuit empire. It will mean defunding pro-Pantsuit Empire agencies, mass firings of Deep State employees, and a radical cleansing of the woke brass from the military. And, most of all, those companies that continue to invest in enemy countries like Red China or push CRT indoctrination on their employees will need to be fined. Heavily.

And no, that’s not a call for violence. It’s a call for firings and economic measures. And, if the companies and agencies go along with the pro-American, anti-globalist program, nothing will be needed at all. But there will likely be a few holdouts.

In any case, uncomfortable as this final step may be, it’s what’s necessary to win in the long term. The longer we let the Pantsuit Empire marshall its forces and accumulate resources, the harder it will be to defeat in the end. So, rather than continue to dither, we must win electoral contests and then wield the power gained in whatever way is necessary, as the left does when it wins.

Yes, all those steps will be difficult. But if we want to win, they’re all entirely necessary.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.