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Is the Deep State in a Civil War?

The deep state in the United States, which can even extend globally, is considered real by some and others a mere conspiracy theory. The theory consists of a clandestine network of actors in the federal government, high-level finance, military-industrial complex, influential think tanks, and high-level industry, who operates as an unelected shadow government that exercises power alongside or within the legitimate, elected governments.

Here is Former CIA Acting Director John McLaughlin in 2019 acknowledging and expressing gratitude for a “deep state” and their efforts to get President Trump Impeached:

In October 2019, the Economist/YouGov poll found that, without defining “deep state” to respondents, 70% of Republicans, 38% of independents, and 13% of Democrats agreed that a “deep state” was “trying to overthrow Trump.” Regardless of the politics, the majority of the Americans believe a group of unelected government and military officials secretly manipulate national policy, according to a Monmouth Poll released in 2018 – with recent events perhaps even higher today.

It was widely reported that former President Obama had plotted and arranged a shadow network of former Obama administration confidantes in agencies to handicap President Donald Trump’s national security apparatus and preserve the nuclear deal with Iran.

Whether “real” or “conspiracy,” the definition of deep state would matter in poll responses, and it is not necessarily a binary belief. For example, consider the two following thoughts.

  • Groupthink – is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people in which the desire for harmony or conformity in the group results in an irrational or dysfunctional decision-making outcome. Some call this the conspiracy of sharks swimming in unison toward their prey.
  • Deep state – as defined above. But even this can take on multiple levels of complexity – a highly organized hierarchy, loosely knitted group of networked players, and Groupthink. One or a mix of these types of organizations can exist simultaneously and are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

Regardless of your belief, let’s go with a stronger belief of the deep state. The theory goes something like this:

  • Trump pushed too hard against the establishment and China, hence Covid and election fraud to ensure he was driven from power.
  • The far Left was also unsuitable to the deep state establishment, hence the manipulation to ensure the Sanders wing was promptly co-opted.
  • Sow chaos internally to the US by pitting race, gender, and ideologies against each other. Tools like CRT, Antifa/BLM riots/protest, #MeToo, and cancel culture, just to name a few, accomplish this goal.
  • To debase the US and the Western world’s geopolitics, chaos abroad must be sown to give power to global elites and their organization (e.g., the UN) to protect us.
  • Given the designed exponential rise of debt and its currency debasement, the economy will inevitably crash in a Great Reset, and society will break down. The deep state needs tools to control the populous in this planned event – hence Covid and other government mandates and overreaches.
  • There is a lot more –  see here and here, But this should be enough to get you started.

Given this deep state theory, considering the recent paradoxes to these theories in recent news events:

  • Since Covid mandates and the shaming of the unvaccinated has gone full tilt, there has been a recent setback by the FDA to vote against the broad rollout of Pfizer booster shot and endorses a narrower use. Is the FDA not in line with the deep state Covid party line?
  • The September 18th J6 DC rally failed to be “Insurrection II.” It was a widely telegraphed false flag event where deep state operatives could not further embarrass the anti-deep state Trump supporters.
  • The cybersecurity lawyer Michael Sussman was indicted by special counsel John Durham’s investigation that blows the deep state Russia collusion story wide open. A string, if pulled, could expose a house of cards of many low-level deep state characters that were part of the failed Hillary Clinton’s presidential 2016 campaign. Couldn’t the deep state control Durham?
  • France is furious with the global elite community and recalls its US and Australian ambassadors in protest over a lucrative submarine deal. Has not Macron not been a team deep state player? Why the backstab?
  • What’s going on at the Fed? They are embroiled in a potential scandal of double-dealing assets. Several members including Jeremy Powell, are involved. Meanwhile, the Democrats capitulate on the $3.5tr spending bill and may “go it alone” on the debt ceiling battle. Will the powers to be “kick the can down the road” or go nuclear?
  • There is mounting evidence that supports allegations that Saudi Arabia helped fund the 9/11 attacks. This narrative was enabled by the Biden administration releasing documents to support the story. Why is the deep state allowing this narrative to bleed out?
  • The media eviscerated Biden administration on the Afgan debacle. Is this a planned, slow-designed chaos or the preliminary events to remove Biden and install others? Enough said here.
  • Allegations against Joint Chiefs of Staff General Milley in the forthcoming book “Peril” by Washington Post journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa of committed treason during the final weeks of the Trump administration. The characters breaking this story are coming from folks that are normally in the pocket of the deep state. Why shooting at each other in the deep state fox hole?

These recent news events are paradoxes to what was thought to be the deep state’s objectives. On the other hand, perhaps it is all part of the plan. It makes one wonder what our deep state benefactors are planning for us next. Perhaps there is a civil war that has broken out in the deep state itself. After all, at any level of people’s lives, there are always disagreements. Here are some possible scenarios.

  1. One part of the deep state believes it is fully prepared and impatient for the final takedown to occur to make way for the Great Reset. Strike now, while they have all the elements in alignment – the end of this world’s age has arrived.
  2. There is another part of the deep state that wants to delay their plan a little longer. They are either eager to extend the current paradigm for their friends and families, feel that not all the elements are yet in alignment for success, or perhaps they are not in agreement with the leaders of this New World Order.
  3.  I am sure you could be creative and think up more scenarios – let us know in the comment section of this article.

Groupthink or the deep state, all this is pure speculation. None of this is true … right?

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3 thoughts on “Is the Deep State in a Civil War?”

  1. Excellent assessment of the deep state! I believe the NWO is poised to birth their one world government very soon. The motto of the Scottish Rite Masons (i.e. the Illuminati) is “order out of chaos.” We have most definitely seen and suffered their planned chaos to tear down our current order, and the stage is set for the one world government like never before. Furthermore, this is aligned with Bible prophecy regarding the coming one world government that will be ruled by the antichrist, the mark of the beast, the Rapture, and the Tribulation. Amazing and dangerous times we are living in. Praying very hard for our country and the world. Thank you for speaking the truth about the deep state & the NWO. God bless.

  2. First off – the bureaucracies are manned by humans…so of course there’s a “deep state” – it is the bureaucrats and administrators naturally doing “the necessary” to preserve their jobs, extend their reach, and generally preserve their power over the “governed” (aka human nature). The Deep/Administrative State is a given. Question of course, is how far they are willing to subvert the functions of govt to enable themselves. Problem is the ruling class’s ethics and morality has declined markedly over the past 70 years. Today’s ruling class seeks a world govt dominated by the political elite, the economic elite, the media elite, the tech elite and the cultural elite – and this bunch seem willing to do anything. All of these dynamics of our “rulers” are currently working together to consolidate and permanitize their power over the “ruled.” What are listed as “paradoxes” above are just pieces of the puzzle not under complete control – nothing ever is. There will always be leaks and rogue actors. Macron will soon send his Ambassador back to the U.S. The media are already back to excusing everything our demented moron is doing.

    Observation and deductive reasoning indicate there are struggles within the national and international leadership as to how far to press down on the accelerator – they are in a very messy phase right now. But across the globe they are all pressing ahead. They are pursuing the pandemic playbook, regardless of the fact that they’ve got the wrong disease. Australia, NZ and France are locking down as if COVID has a kill-rate of 20% rather than.5%. They are each now getting blow-back in the streets, and our rulers here are no doubt watching for results there before turning the screws too far on us… tho they have clearly shown anyone with a clear head that this is not about the disease, but about their will to power. If the French, Aussies and U.S. patriots are able to stall/halt the progression, the entire project may have to take a world-wide pause for as much as a few years while the globalists do some re-setting of their own. But the old bulls among them have had the taste in their mouths for decades to “try” this before they die. My guess is they’ll push it to either a breakthrough or a debacle. Let’s make sure it’s a debacle for them.

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