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America Must Decouple from China in 2020


America must decouple from China as soon as is possible. We are in a cold war with the “People’s Republic” of China. We may, one day, need to win a war against them. Freedom is on the line in our struggle against China, as it is a tyrannical, evil nation.

Decoupling for those that don’t know, is separating your economy from the economy of another nation. Right now, the US and China have heavily intertwined economies because we opened relations with them under the Nixon Administration. They make basic goods and materials and ship them here, where we buy them and ship money back to China. Whereas Americans used to be known for making things, now we’re just a nation of financiers and consumers. That’s mainly because of our relationship with China.

But it isn’t just that America should be making things rather than buying them from China. There are also national security risks at play- because of our economic relationship with China, we don’t make the basic materials and supplies needed for wartime. Rare earth minerals, pharmaceuticals, technology products, and more are all made in China and are things we would desperately need for a future war with them. Would we really be able to win without producing our own medicine?

For those reasons and more, it is high time for America to decouple from China. We need to separate ourselves economically from them as soon as is possible so that we are once again economically powerful and militarily self-sufficient.

And I’m not the only one who thinks so. In a recent article for The American Conservative, writer Clyde Prestowitz discusses just why America should decouple from China.

Summary of Why America Must Decouple from China

First, Prestowitz discusses the fantasy that used to (and still does) surround our economic relationship with China. Rather than being grounded in geopolitical realism, it is based on nothing other than wishes and whims. We think we’ve been in a win-win relationship that has only strengthened our position, whereas in reality we’ve been giving away the farm to the Reds.

Next, Prestowitz describes why our relationship with China began to change, what outside factors stopped it from changing enough, and how the Chinese view their relationship with the United States. We were disillusioned by Tiananmen Square and their refusal to liberalize and they’ve just kept preparing for a new Cold War.

Prestowitz then describes how China, to the bewilderment of Western, pro-free trade economists, has been boosting its state-owned enterprises and using them as strategic assets in the cold war between China and the US. Yet worse, we’ve been overconfident and let them get away with doing so. We effectively helped them build the weapons they’ll use against us.

After setting up the issue of why America should decouple from China, Prestowitz gives numerous examples of why America (and the West in general) should no longer have open and free trade with China. While he gives many, from robots to its global objectives, to show why we need to start acting to compete with and suppress China, there is one that I thought was particularly useful for showing a was America could start to tame the Chinese dragon: cut them off from microchips.

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Finally, Prestowitz describes just what America needs to recognize and start doing to compete effectively with China in the coming years: we need to decouple from China and recognize that we’re in a Cold War with them.

My Take on Why America Should Decouple from China

I am amazed that some conservatives are still saying that it would be a bad idea for America to decouple from China. What are they thinking? It is imperative that America decouple from China as quickly as it is able. Otherwise, the Chinese communists might gain an even more significant advantage over us.

China is an enemy nation, like the Soviet Union was until recently and Nazi Germany and Japan were before it. Were we shipping technological wonders to the Nazis in 1940, as war became more likely? No, of course not. Did we send semi-conductors to the Soviets in the 1980s? Again, absolutely not. And were we allowing the Japanese to steal our technology without repercussion? Once again, not knowingly.

Yet we act as if things are different with China. We let our businesses take their industrial and trade secrets there and give them up to the thieving and copying Chinese. We give them a favored economic status. China steals our intellectual property and technology with abandon and we do nothing about it. And so on and so forth. It would appear as if our pre-Trump leaders wanted China to succeed and America to fail. If that is what they wanted, they did a great job; because of the policies of presidents from Nixon to Bush, America is at a significant disadvantage.

China’s “One Belt, One Road” program is encircling our allies, especially India. Their economic ventures are giving them economic power across the globe, especially in Africa. Using our technology, they have built weapons that pose a serious threat to our own. And while we trade freely with them, they steal from and harass American companies. With all that in mind, it is high time that America wakes up and sees the need to decouple from China.

So, we simply need to do that. Americans need to force an economic break with China. Call your Congressman or Senator. Tell people who evil China is. And, most importantly, don’t do business with companies that are hurting our interest by dealing with China. Google is building them technology that helps them run their concentration camps. Ford and Tesla have built factories there that give jobs to Chinese workers at the expense of Americans. Apple produces products in China that could be built by friendly nations instead.

Those are just a few examples; we need to demand that our companies put America first. To force them to do so, we should decouple from China.

That is because if we do not decouple from China, we might never be able to beat them again. Their economy is growing faster than ours, they have far more people (and potential troops), and their are stealing our technology at a rapid pace and using it to modernize. Meanwhile, Americans are falling out of work and into addiction with drugs, our companies (before Trump) were leaving our shores and shipping jobs to China, and our once-great military is growing depleted and falling behind China’s.

If we decoupled from China, those issues would become far less severe. Companies would return home, bringing home jobs and capital and producing supplies here that might be needed in war. Americans would once again build things and we would no longer be as vulnerable. And, if we choose to decouple from China, then it will fall behind- its economy will stop growing, it will no longer be as assertive in foreign policy, and the American-led world order will not face a significant Chinese challenge.

Why is that a good thing? Why should we want to decouple from China to weaken China? Because it is an evil state. The Chinese Communist Party murdered millions upon millions of people, still sends millions of its subjects to concentration camps, and is using debt-trap diplomacy to force nations into vassalage. We need to decouple from China so that we can limit its predatory practices and defend freedom.

america should decouple from China


Let me say it once again- America should decouple from China. It is an evil nation ruled by evil people. While America is not perfect, we have, as Dinesh D’Souza wrote about in America: Imagine a World Without Her, generally stood on the right side of things. We have the moral advantage over the Red Chinese, whatever the leftists might say. So, if we can weaken them and bring about freedom (or at least not communism) by deciding to decouple from China, then we should absolutely do so.

And, finally, remember that, in the coming years, if we do not decouple from China now, we might wish we had. It is looking increasingly likely that we will be at war with China. If that day comes, wouldn’t you rather be able to make things such as the rare earth minerals needed for modern weapons, steel for naval vessels, and semi-conductors for weapons and pieces of technology here, in the USA? I know that would make me feel a lot more secure.

So, start demanding that we decouple from China. There are other issues at play in America right now, yes. One of the costs of globalization is a pandemic sweeping the globe and that pandemic has led to thousands of deaths and trillions of dollars of economic damage. RBG died and her seat is up for grabs, which is causing chaos. Riots are still sweeping our cities. Decoupling from China might not be at the top of anyone’s mind right now.

But it should be. We need to start fighting back against the evil Chinese empire. I, and many others, know that if we decouple from China, it would significantly hurt them. As they rely on trade with us far more than we rely on trade with them, a decision by America to decouple from China would be significantly more devastating to China than the US. Let’s start doing it now!

By: Gen Z Conservative