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Death by Assault Weapon is Rare

My Take on Death by Assault Weapon:

Our friends on the left frequently claim that death by assault weapon is so prevalent that an assault weapons ban needs to be put in place. Never mind that civilians can’t even buy true “assault weapons” without a special NFA tax stamp, they think we need to do something about the gun violence epidemic and tackle the supposed problem of death by assault weapon.

And yes, I understand that the AR-15’s to which I am referring in this article on the fact that death by assault weapon is rare are not true “assault weapons.” But, so this article might show up on the leftist-run internet, I am referring to them as “assault weapons.” But I know that is not really what they are.

The left’s to America’s “gun violence epidemic” is an assault weapons ban. Or unconstitutional red flag laws. Or a general gun ban and confiscation. Or, preferably for the left, all three of those options would be implemented. Make no mistake, liberals want to take our guns. They claim it is to prevent gun-related homicides, but that’s obviously a lie. Especially in the case of assault weapons.

Why is it a lie? Because of the statistics presented in the picture above, or that I presented in my “The Gun Control Lobby is Lying” post. Guns account for only a tiny portion of deaths in America. Mass shootings, even including gang related shootings, account for an even smaller sliver of deaths. Assault rifles, as the picture up top shows, account for an astoundingly small number of deaths in a nation of over 300 million people.

Even if an assault weapons ban or gun-confiscation program was able to take every single firearm off of the street (which it wouldn’t because patriots won’t surrender their weapons), the program would still be a failure at meaningfully reducing homicide rates. People will always find ways to kill each other, no matter what the laws are.

Furthermore, death by assault weapon is incredibly rare. It is rare even in the US, which has a high number of “assault weapon” owners. No gun control program that focuses on so-called assault weapons would be at all effective. Just looking at the numbers, knives and hammers should be banned before rifles. Of course that won’t happen here because we have less controls than in tyranny afflicted Great Britain. But still, it shows the absurdity of gun control.


What is Gun Control really About? Not Preventing Death by Assault Weapon…

So, if death by assault weapon in the US is so rare, what is gun control really about? Well it’s not about preventing homicides. Basic data analysis shows it is completely ineffective in that regard.

What it is about is control. Many of the Democrats want a disarmed populace so they can tell you what to do. Are you more or less likely to resist tyrannical programs if you’re well-armed with the proper weapons to fight tyranny? Most likely, you would resist tyrannical mandates, like our forefathers did during the American Revolution.

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But, if they can create an unarmed populace, they can force us to obey. Just look at what is going on in Hong Kong and what is at stake in Hong Kong; there the government is beating and terrorizing its own citizens for daring to protest. If they were armed, that would be less likely.

Gun control is really about control, which leftists want, not preventing deaths. Anyone who tells you otherwise is just trying to confuse you or mislead you. As the Democrats are the ones saying it is about “preventing” deaths, they are the ones confusing and distracting you. They want to steal your liberty and make you unable to resist. Don’t give in, defend your right to keep and bear arms. You’re going to need it soon. And, in any case, the 2nd Amendment says “shall not be infringed.” The Democrats can’t just ignore that because they want to.



I recently begged you to not change your mind about gun control; please don’t give up your liberties that the Founders fought so hard for just because of your emotions about a recent tragedy.

What happened in Dayton was horrific. The mass shooting in El Paso was equally so. But those two incidents shouldn’t blind Americans to the fact that death by assault weapon is quite rare in America. A few absolutely terrible events happen each year, yes, and we should do everything that is Constitutional to prevent those.

But, gun control is still unconstitutional. We shouldn’t give politicians the right to shred the 2nd Amendment just because of a few isolated incidents in a nation of 300 million people. Especially since death by assault weapon is rare; very rare.

Instead, we should recognize that gun control is all about control of us, not preventing crime. Push back against those attempts to control you and against the false narrative that assault weapons are responsible for a huge number of deaths each year. They’re just not.

Finally, blame criminals, not guns for gun-related violence. Bad people commit crimes whether they have access to a firearm or not. If they don’t use a firearm, they can still stab you or beat you to death. A gun confiscation scheme would take away your right to defend yourself, but because criminals are ok with breaking the law, they would still be armed. You would just have had your weapons taken from you by the government first.

Assault weapons aren’t responsible for that many deaths. Don’t let people say that they are.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook