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Dear Liberals: Learn to Control Your Emotions. Being Offended Is No Virtue

Many things we now regard as badges of honor are in no way admirable and certainly wouldn’t have been praised by our ancestors.

Being a single mom? Brave if your husband was a soldier that died overseas, not so much if you just had a kid out of wedlock. That’s poor planning and a lack of traditional morals, not “bravery.” Celebrating those with bastards, as we’re apt to do, is just a celebration of sin. Pity the children and try to help them, of course, but those that brought them into the world without a stable family certainly shouldn’t be praised.

Ditto that for those that are fat but feel the need to show their bodies to the world anyway. The Lizzo types. It’s not brave to pretend you’re Kate Upton when you look like the Scot from Austin Powers. It’s gross and dumb, and a celebration of another of the deadly sins: gluttony. As I wrote in my post on beauty, we can’t keep marching down the path of destroying beauty in the name of feelings. We need to stand up for true beauty and dismiss those that try to destroy it by praising ugly things as beautiful.

But, worst of all in the praising flaws culture that’s developed is praising those who are “offended” and won’t shut up about it. It’s seen every time some media star, athlete, or social media-adept youth gets mad about something, normally because it “offended” them, and then launches a blistering campaign against all those that offended them. Normally, the goal isn’t to get an apology but to ruin the life of the “offensive” person.

That’s detestable, not praiseworthy! Those that can’t keep their emotions in check and have to lash out at each and every person that mistakenly uses a term some dislike or, in the past, did one thing or another now seen as wrong, are utterly insane and detestably weak, not heroic. They need to learn to keep their emotions in check.

What’s heroic, or at the very least impressive, is to keep fighting, silently, about whatever you think is wrong. Sure, I find the leftists detestable, especially the commies of the 20th century. But the leftists weren’t always soyboy complainers that knew few phrases other than “I’m offended” and “that’s racist!” For example, what Lenin and Mao were able to accomplish was impressive (although still evil). Had Mao wept bitterly and then simply complained about Kuomintang “oppression” and “racism,” I really doubt he would have won the Civil War. The Long March was a triumph of his will, those modern communists that bitch and moan about American history in a thinly-veiled attempt to destroy America as we know it have hardly “triumphed” over anything.

That’s because deeds matter and emotions largely don’t. Who cares if you’re offended? I know I don’t. Frankly, it will probably just egg me on. Leftist tears are delicious, after all. If you care about something, you must take action, complaining isn’t enough. Furthermore, being “offended” doesn’t make you virtuous. It makes you weak. Bitching about how offended you are is nothing more than highlighting your weakness. Remember that, and keep it in mind the next time you see someone getting uppity on social media; they’re weak, not strong.

Both right and left have a problem with this. The left complains about everything under the sun (and under the ground, I suppose, when they try to cancel historical figures). Then the right complains about the left’s complaining. Rarely does anyone act in a manner fitting of our ancestors, men who used words when necessary and action when necessary. Rather, both sides generally resemble bitching, sexually frustrated wine moms complaining about their low-T husbands at the spa.

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Let’s change that. Remember that when it comes to greatness, actions matter and that being offended isn’t a virtue: it’s a weakness.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.