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Alexis de Tocqueville Quote about Congress and Money

The Full de Tocqueville Quote about Congress and Money:

“The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers it can bribe the public with the public’s own money.” Alexis de Tocqueville quote about Congress and Money.

My Thoughts on this Great de Tocqueville quote:

It’s budget season in Washington D.C., so Congressmen and their staffers are readying the budgets and getting ready to spend hundreds of billions more of the public’s money. Some budgetary decisions are wise, such as increased purchases of military technology like the F-35 fighter jet. Investments in outstanding military technology (read my article on why the F-35 is a great piece of military technology here: the truth about the F-35) are wise investments because they save the lives of our soldiers and help deter future conflicts. No one wants a full-scale war like the one imagined in The Red Line, a great book about WWIII with Russia.

However, other purchases and budgetary items are not wise investments. Tens of millions going to NASA to research climate friendly fuels. Billions of dollars in infrastructure and healthcare bribes for states to keep unconstitutional federal dictates in place, such as alcohol legislation. And of course trillions of dollars in welfare payments; Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and others are all generously funded by American taxpayers. More than enough funding to combat poverty in America. Whether or not governments can allocate and spend that money sustainably and effectively is another matter. But in any case, trillions of taxes dollars are being spent on welfare.

As said in this great Alexis de Tocqueville quote about Congress and money, the American republic will survive only so long as Congress spends money on necessary programs rather than programs like Medicare for All that are intended to bribe the public with the public’s own money!

Now, however, it seems like Congress has figured out what we should all hope that it never would. That is the thing mentioned in this Alexis de Tocqueville quote about Congress and money; that bribing people is an effective strategy.

How does those expenditures relate?

Those expenditures relate because Congress has finally figured out how to “bribe the public with the public’s own money.” Welfare dollars are just inefficiently redistributed tax dollars. The successful are taxed to the breaking point by the government to subsidize the lives of the unsuccessful, but despite the trillions taken in, the government can’t seem to solve any problems. Like in the Seeking Alpha article “The Coming Retirement Crisis,” many Americans are still facing retirement trouble. They think Social Security will take care of everything, but it just won’t. Socialism has always failed, and Social Security is no different.

Welfare is just a bribe from Congress to the people according to de Tocqueville. Because of that, it is very hard to reform the welfare system. And a reform of the welfare is desperately needed. But because Congress has figured out that bribing the welfare-dependent population works so well, there will most likely be no real change until it reaches a crisis point and the system collapses. The bribes should stop now so that we have time to reform the system.

Additionally, the whole concept of voting for money in the form of welfare is ridiculous. Voting for tax cuts is one thing. They might add to fiscal irresponsibility, sure, but at least then you have the ability to do what you want with your hard-earned money. There isn’t a middle man taking it, taking a cut, and then redistributing it to people and causes that you don’t like. Instead, you have the freedom to spend it as you see fit. That fits better with the classic American values of individuality and liberty.

The Difference between de Tocqueville’s opinion on Voters Voting for Money and Benjamin Franklin’s quote on Voting for Money:

There is a similar Benjamin Franklin quote about money and bribing voters that I discuss in “Benjamin Franklin on Voting for Money.” However, in that quote Franklin puts the responsibility on the average voter. He says that it is their fault by being lured in by promises of government money. In this de Tocqueville quote about Congress and money, Alexis de Tocqueville lays the blame for the same problem at the feet of Congress. Rather than voters ruining the public by electing politicians that will promise them their own money, de Tocqueville says it is the fault of Congress for promising that money to voters.

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I can see both sides to the issue. Politicians are definitely to blame for unfairly and inefficiently using the tax dollars they take in. Taxes are too high, especially the death tax, which is immoral. With taxes as high as they are, we certainly shouldn’t have to worry about the government running out of money and running a major deficit. Especially in good economic times.

Yet it is because Congress has promised too many bribes that that can happen. On the other hand, I mostly agree with Franklin’s point in his quote on voting for money; voters should not elect people that are offering them bribes. Offering a bribe is bad, but, in my opinion, accepting it is worse because accepting a bribe is morally corrupting. The failed state of Mexico is case in point to that; drug money, bribery of politicians, and bribery of voters through socialist policies has made its politics morally bankrupt.

American voters should elect fiscally responsible politicians that will get us out of the deep fiscal hole we are in, rather politicians that raise the national debt to pay for their socialist and inefficient bribes.

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