Thursday, October 21, 2021
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DC Draino on the AZ Audit

One of my friends told me to take a look at DC Draino’s Instagram story. On it were 13 screenshots of his Gettr posts, all of which highlighted his take on the AZ audit. In the interest of informing y’all of the view of one of the more interesting pundits on the right, I decided to repost them here, with due credit to DC Draino, of course. While his accounts are still around, make sure to follow DC Draino on Gettr and Instagram!

Note and 10/1 Update: This article is not meant to be commentary on the audit nor is it in any way meant to confirm DC Draino’s posts as wholly accurate. If you want to read an opposite take on what the election shows, please check out Lead Stories’ article on it, which is quite informative and significantly less divisive than most of what you will hear about the audit. Furthermore, it must be noted that duplicate ballots do not mean there was fraud. Instead, they’re often just a reflection that signatures had to be cured and that election officials did so. Lead Stories discusses that further. Finally, please remember that these posts by DC Draino are his opinion. They are not meant to represent the facts about the AZ audit, only his opinion on it. Please research the audit on your own to learn what it really found.

Read the opposite take on this on Lead Stories


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