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David Chipman, Biden’s ATF Nominee, Despises You and Your Constitutional Rights

You’d think that a key belief required to work for the federal government, especially in a senior position, would be that the rights enshrined in the Constitution must be maintained. Perhaps if ours was a sane society that would be a requirement, but our society isn’t sane and that’s not a requirement, as shown by David Chipman.

David Chipman’s Lies and Radical Beliefs:

Those of you alive in the 90s, or who have read about the feds massacring women and children during the Waco siege, might remember hearing the name David Chipman. He’s one of the ATF agents that was involved in the Waco siege and has been one of the staunchest defenders of the ATF’s actions during that horrific event and has falsely claimed that the Branch Davidians in the compound shot down two helicopters during the standoff. According to National File, he has also defended the ATF’s tyrannical, bloody actions during that siege.

But that’s just the beginning with David Chipman; the rest of his beliefs are far, far worse.

For example, Chipman has called for banning the production of so-called “assault rifles” in a tweet, as reported by Newsmax. He said:

“It has been estimated that there are around 15 million assault rifles currently in circulation. I believe we should ban the future production and sale to civilians and afford current owners of these firearms the ability to license these particularly (sic) guns with ATF under the National Firearms Act.”

He has also called for ridiculous gun control measures, such as this:

“I believe all gun sales should be limited to licensed gun stores where a background check and paperwork is required.”

Even worse than old Reddit threads and tweets is what he said in a Senate hearing.

In that hearing, David Chipman made a number of ludicrous claims, including that an “assault rifle” is any semi-automatic rifle capable of accepting a detachable magazine above the caliber of .22 (the average AR shoots a .223 caliber bullet). His definition would ban almost every semi-automatic rifle on the market.

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In the same hearing, Chipman was exposed as wanting to arrest people before they commit crimes, which would be a total violation of the right to due process:

And, as reported by the Federalist, Chipman told Sen. Cruz that he supports a total ban on AR-15s.

Finally, Chipman works for Everytown for Gun Safety and Giffords Law Center campaign, which is dedicated to gun confiscation and claims “the right to possess a firearm is not based on an individual right of self-defense, but rather related to service in a militia based on the prefatory language in the Amendment.”

As part of that job, the Federalist reports that he has lobbied Congress for bills that would require direct registration and licensing for guns, which would massively expand, computerize, and weaponize the already massive ATF gun registry the government currently operates. Americans should know that over the long arc of history, the first step to a violent confiscation of firearms is registration.”

The NRA outlines his radical views quite well in this tweet:


What Those Statements Show

What do Chipman’s statements in favor of gun control show? That he despises you and your right to keep and bear arms.

What Chipman wants is to confiscate every privately owned gun in America, making the government the sole armed entity. Sure, he’s focused on assault rifles now, but that will devolve into a focus on all guns next. He’s just taking it one step at a time and working toward a dark, tyrannical future in which Americans can’t defend themselves from criminals or the government. Then he and his fellow jackbooted thugs will have an easier time of controlling you than they did at Waco. He wants to have an easier time ruling by brute force and sees gun control as the best means by which to achieve that end.

That’s why he wants to take your “assault rifle,” ban your right to defend yourself, and makes false claims about those that had to defend themselves against the tyrannical agents of the state; he has utter contempt for you and your rights, however efficacious firearm ownership is at fighting violent crime, and thinks you should be far below government rather than equal to it.

This tyrant must be fought against by any means possible. If he is confirmed, the ATF will launch an anti-guns campaign the likes of which we have never seen. You won’t be able to defend yourself, the government will have the power to do anything it wants to you, and this sick tyrant will have eradicated a constitutional right. He can’t be allowed to win.

The fact is, the 2nd Amendment protects all guns, whatever the liars and thugs in the ATF say. You have the God-given right to own whatever weapon you please and the likes of David Chipman shouldn’t be able to restrain that in any way.

Defend the Constitution. Fight Chipman with everything you’ve got.

By: Gen Z Conservative