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“Dark MAGA”: The Viral Trend that’s Taking Twitter by Storm

Is support for Trump slipping? According to the credentialed class, that vast array of bureaucrats and consultants with letters after their name, Trump has got to go. They want to replace him with DeSantis (a fine choice, but not ready with primetime), or Milquetoast Mike Pence (whoever thinks he’d win is an idiot).

However, despite the Conservative, Inc. cries that it’s time to move on from Trump and his brand of harsh rhetoric, the MAGA movement couldn’t disagree more. In fact, it’s calling for Trump to return to power and, once he gets there, start acting like Sulla (wreak his vengeance on the RINOs and leftists).

Those calls have grown louder in recent days, mainly taking the form of a viral Twitter trend: a #darkMAGA combined with a foreboding image of the former president. Here are some of the best ones:

1, Who couldn’t dig this vibe?

2. Can’t Dump the Trump

3. An Epic Photoshop

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4. I Did, I Said It

5. Vengeance Time

But what, exactly, is the movement? It’s a call for Trump to move past any attempts at reconciliation, an attempt to awaken the spirit of Sulla and show the progressives just what reactionaries think of them. Plus, it’s coupled with awesome aesthetics, darker, imperial-seeming photos are included in almost all the posts.

One poster, describing the aesthetic focus and what the movement wants from Trump, said:

#DarkMAGA is the aesthetic demand that Trump embrace a harder and more focused approach to the role only he can fill. He was too kindhearted, too forgiving. Dark MAGA demands he learn from his mistakes.

Describing it more in an excellent thread, that poster also said:

Dark MAGA is Byronic—maximalist masculine hedonism—but a mature Byronic, a focused Byronic, a Byron driven to correct injustices against himself and those for whom he is responsible.

Dark MAGA takes the advice to “form a gang” seriously. The path forward requires omerta loyalty, la eme loyalty; Dark MAGA is the novel idea that we should play for keeps.

In short, what the #DarkMAGA movement is all about is winning. Unlike the RINOs and Conservative, Inc. cowards, that gang of corrupt losers that wants a constant back and forth battle that lets them live off the hopes of their constituents, those posting #darkMAGA tweets actually play for keeps and want Trump to do whatever it takes to win.

Those heroes posting the #DarkMAGA tweets are geniuses: they’ve taken the style and spirit of BAP’s excellent Bronze Age Mindset and applied it to Trumpian politics, using aesthetics and calls to glory to reimbue the formerly despondent right with visions of glory, reminding it of what can be done and won if it chooses to try to win.

We’ll see what Trump does and if he heeds the calls for his Sulla-like return. For now, however, we’ll have to be content with some awesome images of Trump and equally heartening calls for the right to start wielding power.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr

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