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Dan Crenshaw Nike Quote

Den Crenshaw’s Quote about Nike:

If you’re offended by a shoe celebrating the flag of the American Revolution, it’s a good indication that you may be better off living in a permanent safe space. Or Cuba.” – Den Crenshaw’s Quote about Nike

My Take on this Dan Crenshaw Nike Quote:

I think this Dan Crenshaw Nike quote on the idea that Nike is withdrawing its shoe with the Betsy Ross flag on it because of Colin Kaepernick saying it needed to is spot on. Because of the free market, Nike can do what it wants, even if what it wants to do it is unpatriotic and based on some vague, impossible to pin down idea of “systemic racism.” But that doesn’t make erasing American history by wiping out the memory of the American Revolution any less wrong.

The American flag is a symbol of hope and freedom for millions around the world. Yes, we’ve made our fair share of mistakes, as I write about in my review of “The Great War for Civilization.” However, we are still generally better than the opposition. We don’t murder, torture, and seize territory as many other regimes, especially socialist regimes, do. The flag is a symbol of hope, especially for those in Hong Kong that are waving the flag and want to see a freedom-loving America.

But that international recognition of America as a force for good doesn’t matter to the Social Justice Warriors that constantly engage in the culture wars and are trying to erase our heroes. They are trying to erase our positive memories of Robert E Lee, as I describe in “Why we Remember Lee.”

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The SJWs, as you could probably guess from this Dan Crenshaw Nike quote, fight constant battles on college campuses through faking outrage and victimhood. In doing so, they erase institutional memories at many of those campuses and shift the student body into a sniveling group of whining children, that as Dan Crenshaw says in his quote about Nike, seem to need a permanent “safe space” because they’re soft and bubble-wrapped. Their frail constitutions have led them to believe that some imaginary oppression is stifling them and that companies or the government need to intervene to fix that. Now, led by “heroes” such as Colin Kaepernick, they hope to erase our memories of why the American flag is a positive symbol.

Like they did with the Confederate Flag and Robert E Lee, they hope to turn it into a symbol of hate rather than a symbol of heritage and pride. We need to push back on that horribly destructive agenda. If the SJWs win, Americans will have no heroes to look up to. Robert E Lee will have been erased. Thomas Jefferson will have been erased. Even George Washington will have been erased. Make no mistake that is the future that the Social Justice Warriors want. We have to fight back against them. That’s the point of this Dan Crenshaw Nike quote and it’s what you should take away from this article.

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