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What do Andrew Cuomo and His Recent Pardoned Weatherman David Gilbert Have in Common? Chesa Boudin Knows

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On his last day in office, Andrew Cuomo has issued his final “screw you” to the American public, pardoning David Gilbert – the Weather Underground,  Brink’s murderer.

“The beneficiary of Cuomo’s parting gift is David Gilbert, late of the Weather Underground and serving a 75-years-to-life sentence for three counts of second-degree murder and, concurrently, four counts of first-degree robbery.” 

“Two separate acts of premeditated slaughter cut down a Brink’s guard and two police officers, executed by heavily armed thugs looking for a big payday and their radicalized accomplices.”

San Francisco residents are very familiar with the work of David Gilbert’s son, Chesa Boudin. He is currently serving as the SF District Attorney, and he is almost single-handedly responsible for turning the city into a criminal enclave and for a mass exodus of law-abiding residents.

Here is a tweet of Chesa Boudin celebrating his father’s release, claiming that the brutal murderer “never intended harm.”

In fact, Chesa Boudin has never met a murderer who intended any “harm.”  In Boudin’s eyes, all criminals are the victims of “policies that hurt the poor and people of color disproportionately.”   That’s why Chesa Boudin’s law enforcement efforts “focus on prioritizing treatment, resources, and support for those whose crimes stem from underlying struggles,” rather than protecting those unfortunate law-abiding “oppressors” who are stuck living in the City by the Bay.

Andrew Cuomo claimed that “Clemency Granted to Individuals Demonstrating Remorse.”

“Absent gubernatorial interference, David Gilbert wouldn’t have been eligible for release until 2056, which seems about right — the gang’s three victims, after all, are serving terms of 1981-to-eternity.”

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Do you know the name of one murderer who does not demonstrate any remorse for signing death warrants for thousands of people?  Andrew Cuomo.

In the words of Republican Assemblymember Mike Lawler who represents Rockland County, where the crime happened:

“Only a sociopath, such as Andrew Cuomo, would think that David Gilbert, a man who participated in a heinous attack on law-abiding citizens and law enforcement alike, deserves to be eligible for parole. When the book is written on Andrew Cuomo, apart from leaving office in disgrace, his legacy will be a New York that has released unrepentant cop killers, child rapists, murderers, and terrorists. My only hope is that when all is said and done, the final chapter finds him in a jail cell.”

Andrew Cuomo, David Gilbert, and Chesa Boudin believe they are above the law and should not be held accountable for their actions.

 RWR original article syndication source.