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Cuomo and CNN’s Decline from News Network to Propaganda Outlet

The Firing of Chris Cuomo was greeted with an equal amount of enthusiasm from both Cuomo’s allies, and from his detractors.

But if you are breaking a bottle of wine open to toast Fredo’s downfall, you shouldn’t. It is a truly sad story. And it is not a tale just about a prominent journalist engaged in helping a family member cover up misconduct.

It is a story of the demise of a – once upon a time – fine news network. A network that has the distinction of being the first 24-hr cable network news launched in the world. CNN’s coverage of the Persian Gulf War riveted the world’s attention and put them on the map.

They pioneered “embedding” reporters with US troops and rose to the top in investigative reporting.

CNN was once associated by many as the network watched as they were the first to break the September 11 attack updating Americans throughout the tragic event. But that CNN has been fading for over a decade.

Now, this network is home to America’s most despicable people:

The network that has “Facts First” as their motto has deteriorated into a Democratic Party propaganda arm. In a stunning lack of self-introspection, they are promising to “investigate as appropriate.” 

“The most trusted name in news” does not seem to be aware that allowing their top journalist to report on his own family member holding a prominent government post is the definition of journalistic malpractice. The only investigation that seems appropriate is who at the top echelon of CNN failed Journalistic Ethics class 101.

CNN’s ratings have dropped lower than Joe Biden’s approval rating. The Cuomo debacle will hardly help that, but then again – it may not do much damage. The people who are still watching CNN are certainly not watching it for information value.

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They are watching it to get the daily dose of far-left derangement. CNN is fully aware of its role in today’s America. So, in due course, Chris Cuomo will be replaced by another liberal propagandist. It may be Brian Stelter, or Jake Tapper, or another similarly able Democrat operative. 

Cuomo Prime Time is gone, but its spirit will live on.

 RWR original article syndication source.