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The American Left’s Cultural Revolution

To understand the now pervasive influence of China on the United States, it is useful to see its predecessor: Mao’s Chinese Cultural Revolution.

About twenty years after the Communist Revolution of 1949, Chairman Mao realized that the mere totalitarian State control of the economy, schools, and media in China had not transformed the society and created “The New World.” Old customs and manners, shrines, beliefs, and even dress and art, held back the total radical change he envisioned.

So, in the late 1960s, under Mao’s leadership, the lower orders of peasants and workers, the terrorist military rampages of The Red Guard, and massive propagandists set about to completely alter China. Besides killing an estimated 30 million of its own citizens, this movement destroyed the education system, leveled many cities, tore down ancient shrines and statues, and tortured, imprisoned, and executed anyone associated with old Chinese institutions and practices.

At one point, anyone who wore eyeglasses was arrested, for they showed they could read and were therefore tied to the past.

The Cultural Revolution aimed to destroy “The Four Olds”:  old customs; old culture; old habits; old ideas.

Obviously, those with no place or tie to society eagerly joined in!

But any prominent person, father, leader, teacher, doctor, artist, writer, official, general, was harassed and dismissed.

Industry, transportation and education, entertainment and art, language and writing, were decimated and the government virtually shut down whole regions and traditional activities. Chaos reigned. Any “oppressed” deviant or minority was elevated.

Sound familiar? It seems that every day we learn more about Chinese infiltration into American business, government, media, education, entertainment, science, and medicine. This seems to have started in the 1980s and accelerated in the past 30 years.

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And like the Cultural Revolution, the Red Chinese aim to erode any and all traditional American culture: marriage, family, property, religion, military, law, media, entertainment, arts, government, rights, freedom. It is, if not an all-out assault on them, at the very least a weakening of these cultural practices and standards.

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The area I am most familiar with, Higher Education, has been transformed in this way. The expansion of an innocuous regulation (Title IX) concerning gender equality in sports programs was weaponized to impose censorship of politically incorrect ideas, destroy traditional social relationships, and corrupt learning.

Under the guise of stopping “harassment” and violence, the Cultural Revolution of the American Left effectively destroyed the universities. Similar draconian policies have infected (formerly) scholarly journals, publishers, programs, and awards.

The “Diversity and Inclusion” agendum has effectively removed traditional male leaders (or even teaching staff) from academia.

These privileged oppressors, like the Chinese Mandarins, are hounded out of colleges, boards, and foundations, and “consulting” firms assume the mantle the Maoists enjoyed; Antifa and BLM replicate the Red Guards.

The final corruption of the American Electoral System could complete the task of destroying and then conquering America.          

I am not Anti-Chinese. As the article on Chinese Political Theory in my ENCYCLOPEDIA OF POLITICAL THOUGHT shows, China has a rich and varied intellectual and cultural heritage. I especially appreciate Chinese philosophical, religious, and medicinal traditions. Mao’s Cultural Revolution was destructive of this rich and wonderful past, which many Chinese regret. We should share their regret and not let it destroy America.

By: Professor Garrett Ward Sheldon