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Cry More: Insider Reveals Epic Meltdowns Happening On Twitter’s Internal Employee Chat Program

Elon Musk has purchased Twitter and has caused an epic meltdown that rivals the 2016 meltdown after President Trump won the White House.

All the butt-hurt crying liberals suddenly don’t care that Twitter is a private company, and now they want “someone” to step in and save them.

And while we’re seeing the meltdowns online, we’re hearing that things are even worse inside Twitter.

Journalist Andy Ngo has a source inside Twitter who is monitoring the internal chat system, and apparently, it’s a real mental mess.

The employees are most scared that President Trump will come back to the site… but Trump just announced that he is not interested in coming back. He said that he wants to focus on his new social media platform Truth.

I hope Elon does reinstate the account and then President Trump can do whatever he wants with it. He should have never been removed.

The Twitter employees are also furious at Elon and are sick of hearing the words “free speech.” Of course they are, communists don’t like “free speech.”

They’re also worried about their mental health.

Ha ha ha ha.

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Here’s what journalist Andy Ngo said: “From my sources: Vocal Twitter employees on internal chats indicate their biggest fear is Donald Trump being unbanned. Many express strong hatred toward @elonmusk & say they’re sick of hearing about “free speech.” They’re concerned about their mental health. #ElonMuskBuyTwitter

Talmon Joseph Smith, a New York Times reporter is also getting insider reporters. Here’s what he said:

Its “absolutely insane” @ Twitter right now in the virtual valves of private slack rooms & employee group texts, according to an internal source. Their take/breakdown just now: “I feel like im going to throw up..I rly don’t wanna work for a company that is owned by Elon Musk”…1/

2/ The source at Twitter continued “I don’t rly know what I’m supposed to do…oh my god, my phone’s been blowing up…We have a meeting about it at 5pm…the CEO is going to address everyone about it” (it=elon)

The employee continued re Elon: 3/“ I feel like he’s this petulant little boy and that he’s doing this to troll…he doesn’t know anything about our policies and what we do…his statement about our algo was fucking insane… “Were just gonna let everyone run amok?…nobody knows”

Twitter sounds like an even bigger insane asylum than it usually does.

Here’s what people online are saying:

“If your biggest fear in life is Donald Trump being on Twitter then your life must be going pretty damn good ngl”

“What is up with everyone’s mental health these days? Why so brittle and sensitive?”

“Easily resolved: walk away. Quit & find a different employer.”

“‘Sick of hearing about free speech’. That’s the part that shows this should have happened a while ago”

“They can test the free market. Get your resume ready and change jobs. Just like every other person that goes through a change in ownership.”

“They can build solar panels like the coal miners!”

“If you let somebody that you’ve never even met live rent free in your head, they are not the problem, you are the problem”

“The epitome of privilege: “my biggest fear is a tweet from Donald Trump” lmfaoooo dear god”

Liberalism really is a mental disorder, and so is Trump Derangement Syndrome… put them both together, and you have a real recipe for mental disaster.

This story syndicated with permission from Wayne Dupree