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LOL: Ted Cruz Destroys AOC in Just Two Words

AOC recently announced that she’d be taking time off Twitter. Speaking on Instagram live in her typically vapid manner, she said she had to leave the platform because it made her “amxious,” as MSN reports:

“Yeah, when I got COVID, I turned off all my devices, which means I wasn’t really on social media that much or anything like that.”

The 32-year-old added that Twitter made her feel “anxious” when she would log back on.

“People kind of fight and gossip and all this other stuff so much, but – and there’s a lot of negativity on there – but I’ll be back. Don’t worry.” she continued.

But, of course, she couldn’t leave the platform, which is her one reason for fame and popularity (on the left, at least). Instead, she quickly logged back in and started posting vapid nonsense again to try and defend the highly unpopular Build Back Better bill, saying:

Seniors, kids, & people with disabilities in my community have been sleeping with bubble jackets on in 18 degree nights, despite paying rent, bc the NYCHA funding to fix their heating and capital needs is in BBB.

That was dumb enough, but what she did next was worse: she tried to take on Ted Cruz by posting a ridiculous video of her and some random, masked woman dancing. Yes, really thought that would somehow be a blow at Cruz. Here’s the idiotic post:

She’s probably right; Ted would never be caught wearing a bright pink pantsuit and acting like that. Unlike leftists, he avoids being cringe at least some of the time. Yet better, he’s a Twitter maestro, and managed to destroy AOC in just two words, saying “nice mask.”

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As you’ll notice in the video, AOC is standing around in a crowded room without her mask on.

Now, sure. She certainly doesn’t need one, as she’s certainly vaxxed, recently had Covid, and the cloth masks many people wear aren’t particularly effective. But since when have the leftists pushing mask mandates and jab mandates ever let such concerns influence their policies?

Never, or at least not until the masks became as unpopular as they are now!

No, servers at restaurants have to wear masks regardless of their jab status, many of us are supposed to at the grocery store and gym, and airlines infamously make fliers wear masks regardless of their jab status.

All that is thanks to AOC and her kindred spirits across the country, smooth-brained tyrants that don’t care about what’s efficacious but only what increases their power.

Yet, after all that, she wasn’t wearing a mask in a video that she herself posted, much like Stacey Abrams in that now-infamous school picture.

So, Ted Cruz, rather than trying to pretend that he can dance, just called her on it. She’s not wearing a mask despite all she’s done to make us wear them. Sure, her behavior won’t change: those in power couldn’t care less if us peasants are happy with their policies, at least until the pitchforks and torches come out.

But pointing out that the emperor has no clothes is always worth it as it diminishes the average person’s faith in the regime, something Ted Cruz did excellently.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.