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CRINGE ALERT: Watch Slow Joe Make the Worst Joke Possible with Paralympic Atheletes

Joe Biden has always been an idiot.. his entire career he’s been a joke… the type of guy who walks around with his foot inserted in his mouth because he has no filter and thinks he’s the “funny guy” that everyone “gets.”

Biden has spent a lot of time cultivating this “Middle-Class Joe” persona, where he’s just one of us, and everyone else in DC is an out-of-touch rich, elitist.

It’s all hogwash.

Biden is a rich elitist, but he likes to play up the “Middle-Class Joe” persona, and part of that includes these off-color jokes and weird things he blurts out; as if that’s how normal people talk – like uncouth, bumbling idiots.

He’s done this his entire career, because he thinks it’s “endearing” and sets him aside from other politicians, and maybe back in the 90s that was true, but it’s not anymore and hasn’t been for a really long time.

So, when Biden blurts out his weird comments now, it’s seen as awkward, and inappropriate, and many people rightfully question his mental faculties, because normal people don’t behave like this.

And the recent incident at the White House is a perfect example of this.

While Biden was honoring Paralympic athletes, he stood for a group photo, and just as the pic was being taken, Biden yelled out “DON’T JUMP!”

A very thoughtless thing to say to athletes who are sitting in wheelchairs.

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Listen to the uncomfortable, groaning laughter from the crowd. You can watch the video below:

There were good parts of Biden’s speech though, to be fair. For example, at one point he made a very kind series of remarks about how hard they worked to get there, saying:

The pandemic made training and competing especially difficult and draining.  But you did it.  You all did it.  And we were in awe not just of your incredible athleticism but your endurance and your state of mind — but most of all your character.  You all have such incredible character.

No matter what event you compete in, you draw inspiration from your work — your hard work, your courage, your discipline as you watch it — as we watch you.  I’m serious.

Whether you’re a would-be athlete like me or you’ve never played a sport — I’m serious.  You’re just — I — look at you.  Look how you handle victory and defeat.  It’s just astounding.  Astounding.

And as I was saying to a couple of the Paralympians, you inspire people.  You inspire people around the world.  You inspire them to pursue — to pursue their hopes and their dreams not just in sport but in life. 

While that might not excuse his joke and doesn’t make him a good guy, it’s worth remembering that not all he said was bad and that the athletes still got complimented by the president, which must have been pretty cool.

Regardless, furious people online lost it, saying things like:


“Dimwitted old fool.” 

“Biden is a walking gaffe machine and the gift that just keeps on giving.”

“Don’t jump? and not one of you Biden voters are yelling how inappropriate that was?” 

This is NOT normal behavior. Telling someone in a wheelchair not to jump? #Article25 now.”

“What an idiot.”

“Lunatic always gets a free pass. If DJT said this he would’ve been impeached for a 3rd time.”

“This is just so awful. Why do we have to keep being embarrassed like this as a country?” 

Joe is the embarrassing gift that keeps on giving… and every day it gets worse and worse.

This story syndicated with permission from Wayne Dupree