October 23, 2020

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Criminals Break the Law

Criminals Break the Law

Criminals Break the Law

Criminals Break the Law

I’ve said this many times before but I’ll say it again. I don’t understand why liberals think gun control will work. Criminals break the law, it’s not like they’d randomly start obeying it if gun laws get more strict. That line of thought it ridiculous and once examined, betrays why gun control does not work.

What do our friends on the left think will happen? That they can pass one more ridiculous restriction of our constitutional rights and suddenly criminals will start to obey the law? Any rational person would see the faulty logic behind that. Criminals break the law. That’s why they are called criminals. 

Adding more gun control laws won’t do anything to stop gun violence. All those laws will do is restrict the rights of innocent, law abiding citizens and decrease their ability to protect themselves. 

And criminals won’t be affected. Perhaps guns will be marginally more difficult to get. Perhaps. But they will still be able to get them through the black market or dark web. If someone has decided to use a weapon in the commission of a crime, why would one more law stop them?

It wouldn’t. That new law (or laws) would only make life more difficult for the law-abiding citizens who want to purchase a firearm.

Always stand up for your 2nd Amendment rights! Criminals break the law. You don’t and therefore you should be able to purchase a firearm without having to deal with unjust and unconstitutional restrictions.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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