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Criminals and Gun-Free Zones

Gun Free Zones are the Problem:

Gun-free zones don’t work; they are part of the problem. Because gun-free zones attract killers by turning areas into soft targets, they are the problem. In other words, gun-free zones are causing mass shootings. Gun-free zones attract killers that see them as targets. Just ask yourself: would a killer/criminal rather attack a gun-free zone or an area where people are most likely armed and trained. Almost certainly they would attack the soft target gun-free zone.

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Criminals don’t follow the law. That’s the definition of being a criminal. I don’t see why gun control advocates don’t realize that. If gun-free zones really worked, then they might be a good solution. In reality, they just make soft targets even softer. No one in them can defend themselves, and criminals come anyway. The only way to be truly safe is to use your 2nd Amendment right to defend yourself!

Gun free zones, created through the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990. That gun free zones bill was unconstitutional and I firmly believe that gun free zones should be abolished in order to increase the safety of our schools. Gun free zones are unconstitutional, don’t work, and are yet another example of the arbitrary government interference in our lives that wreaks so much havoc.

Criminals and gun-free zones are a deadly combination. We shouldn’t let either be present in our society, but an easy way to limit the effect of mass shootings would be to abolish gun free zones. Gun free zones attract killers and are just as unconstitutional as red flag laws or other forms of gun control. We need to get rid of them!

By: Gen Z Conservative

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