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Criminals and Gun Control Laws

My Take on Criminals and Gun Laws:

The media and many Democrats often say that if we just had one or two more gun control laws, then crime would stop. Homicides would fall, mass shootings would never happen, and armed robbery wouldn’t take place. But that’s because they don’t understand the truth about criminals and gun control laws; their relentless push for unconstitutional gun control has blinded them to the facts.

So, what are those facts that they are blind to? Well the main one is that criminals break the law. No level of gun control, be it unconstitutional red flag laws or bump stock bans, will be a serious deterrent to violent crimes.

Don’t believe me? Look at knife violence in Great Britain, where most guns are banned. Knife violence is through the roof because of the truth about criminals and gun control laws; criminals don’t care about those laws.

All gun control laws do is leave us defenseless. We can’t defend ourselves against criminals or tyrants because gun control laws take away the tools do so. Yet, because criminals break the law, they don’t have to worry about that. They are free to own as many weapons as they might like because they don’t have to worry about breaking the law; they do so regardless of what gun control laws are on the books.

Don’t support gun control of any type. It’s unconstitutional and ineffective. Politicians and the media propose it as a way to lower crime rates, but that’s ridiculous. Guns are not the problem, our decaying society is. The fact that there are so many criminals out there ready to inflict harm on their fellow citizens is the main problem, not that they have guns with which they can do so. That’s what you need to know about criminals and gun control laws; don’t believe those who say otherwise.

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