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Yikes: Crenshaw Defends Liz Cheney, Exposing His RINO Proclivities

Crenshaw used to be one of my favorite GOP politicians. Back in my more innocent days, before I woke up to the Swamp-loving hucksters that say most of the right things to attract conservative voters while actually working to preserve the Pantsuit Empire, I thought he was just what America needed.

Oh how wrong I was. Crenshaw is a disaster of a RINO that uses his service as a cover while pushing the sort of trash that Conservative, Inc. has been pushing for decades. Fortunately for real conservatives and those still under his spell, he finally outed himself as a RINO on Twitter, needlessly stepping in to defend Liz Cheney from real conservatives. Here’s what he said:

The thing is, Crenshaw couldn’t be more wrong. That “principled leader” is the same warmonger that keeps trying to push America into needless conflicts around the globe, the same backstabbing b**** that waffles on her sister’s lesbian proclivities as fitting the political tides (when gay marriage wasn’t popular, she was against it. Now that it is, she’s back on her sister’s side. She obviously cares about power, not family or family values), and the same fake conservative that preaches conservative ideals but then refused to put them into action by taking advantage of Trump’s presidency and putting them into action.

She’s not a “principled leader.” No, she’s just the more “conservative” flavor of the Pantsuit Empire. And Crenshaw, in defending her, showed himself to be just the same sort of thing: a RINO.

Further, as Wayne Dupree reports, you have to read between the lines to find out what Crenshaw really said here. For example:

He said Liz has more “backbone” than most… that sounds like an endorsement of the “guts” it took to vote to impeach Trump, something Dan could never do because he’s still in the closet. If Dan were to come out fully against Trump and MAGA, he’d surely lose his seat.

Got it, Dan. You don’t like the bad orange man so you support Liz the RINO for attacking him. She sure is a “leader” for attacking the most conservative president since Reagan, the man who did more than any other person in DC to make America a better place for the average man.

People on Twitter weren’t soon to call him out. For example, one said:

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Another, trying to hit him where it hurts (in the wallet) said:

They’re right to attack him and right to be pissed. Crenshaw presents himself as a rock-ribbed conservative. While he, like Liz even, might want some conservative policies to be enacted, he’s obviously unwilling to fight the culture war as it needs to be fought. He’s unwilling to dig in his heels, raise the black flag, and fight the culture war like the left does. Unlike Trump, he’s unwilling to do what is necessary to win.

Don’t fall for the siren song of RINOs like Crenshaw. Their brand of spineless conservatism will never win. If you want to beat the left, fighting the left like Trump does is the only way forward.

Crenshaw and Cheney are the GOP’s embarrassing past; Trump and Desantis are its golden, heroic future. Stick with the winners, stick with Trump!

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.