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Cuomo’s Sexual Misdeeds – A Long List From The Investigation

The Office of New York’s Attorney General, Letitia James, released the “Report of Investigation into Allegations of Sexual Harassment by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo” on August 3rd.

The 165-page document concluded, Cuomo, “on multiple occasions, engaged in conduct and conversations that were offensive and sexual in nature that constituted sex-based harassment.”

Moreover, the investigation discovered the Governor engaged in “forms of offensive touching” against persons who were current and former New York State employees.

Below are lists of accusations against Cuomo derived from the report itself.

Things he did

  • Close and intimate hugs
  • Kisses on the cheeks, forehead, and lips.
  • Touching and grabbing butts during hugs.
  • Reaching under a blouse and grabbing a breast.
  • Running his hand across a woman’s abdomen from her belly button to her right hip.
  • Running his finger down a woman’s back from the top of her neck down to her spine to the middle of her back.
  • Tapping and then grabbing a woman’s butt.
  • Physically touching a woman’s waist, legs, and back.
  • Cupping a woman’s breast over her bra.
  • Reaching his hand up a woman’s shirt.

Things he said

  • Can I kiss you?”
  • It’s about time that you showed some leg.”
  • I don’t like your hair like that.”
  • Have you ever had sex with anyone other than your husband?”
  • If you were single, the things I would do to you.”
  • I’d mount you too.”
  • Commenting to a woman “words to the effect of, ’let’s play strip poker.”
  • Asking a speech writer to come up with a line like “you’re having sex without the orgasm.’”
  • Telling a woman that the clothing she was wearing made her look like a “lumberjack.”
  • Telling a woman, she looked like an Amish person
  • Telling a woman, she looked like Daisy Dukes
  • Staring at a woman’s blouse and asking what was on her necklace.

Where are Gloria Allred, the Me-tooers, and the feminists?

 RWR original article syndication source.

Image credits: By Bob Jagendorf –, CC BY 2.0,

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