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Corruption in America Because of the Chinese Flu

How Corruption in America Has Increased because of the Chinese Flu

Whatever the cause of the Chinese flu, an impoverished and starving communist citizen eating a bat or a Chinese weapons lab making it, China is responsible. They unleashed a plague upon the world that killed the economy, caused tens of thousands of deaths, and ruined many small businesses. However, that doesn’t mean all that’s wrong with the response to the Chinese flu is that China lied and people died. No, other governments have made errors too, especially those in blue states that are ruled by petty tyrants that want to shut everything down. Well, everything other than big business. That’s why corruption in America been boosted tremendously by this terrible Wuhan flu.

I don’t think I’m crazy in saying that corruption in America has increased because of the government’s heavy-handed response to the virus. Rather than being rational and limiting stay at home orders to the old and obese, who are most affected by it, the government cracked down on everything and forced businesses around the nation. To correct that, we need to unleash the free market and open the economy immediately. Otherwise, we’ll be in another Great Depression.

Right now, you might be wondering how that has anything to do with corruption in America. Sure, it’s bad, but it doesn’t relate to Joe Biden’s corruption, FBI and DOJ corruption, or the corrupt Democrats. Businesses have closed, but no one has been selling favors or influence, right?

Think that if you wish, but you’re wrong. Being declared an “essential business” is the stem of all corruption in America caused by the Chinese flu and Big Government’s response to it.

Just take a moment to think about it and think about what stores are allowed to remain open. Some are truly essential businesses; grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, and gun stores are able to remain open, thankfully. But, most of the other businesses are no more essential than your local mom and pop restaurant or other small business.

Are marijuana or liquor stores any more essential than a stationery store? Is fast food somehow more essential than a Mexican-food restaurant? Is Target more essential to America than any small, family-run toy or clothing store? Why is Boeing still building jetliners? Are those suddenly crucial to preventing the Chinese Flu from spreading?

No. They’re not. Those types of businesses are just either a) large enough to strong-arm state governments into letting them remain open or b) have strong enough lobbying groups in support of their industries that they can get the exemptions they need. And all the small businesses without such clout or Washington men are left to die out. That’s what corruption in America looks like.

We’re not supposed to be in the Gilded Age, where monopolists and big businesses bought votes in the Senate. Yet, in this situation, it feels like we are.

I have no problem with lobbying and I don’t want any of the aforementioned businesses to be closed. If I were in their position, I would have done the same thing. The problem, the root of corruption in America, is that we’re ruled by corrupt bureaucrats of the sort described in Atlas Shrugged. They’re not persuaded by arguments of lobbyists, only by their money. They don’t care what happens to the average American, they just want to look important.

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That’s a problem. If you want a glimpse into where it leads, just read Atlas Shrugged. Specifically, read the section where the government declares all railroad bonds “frozen” and debt-holders had to persuade the government to declare their need essential in order to sell them. As can be predicted, that just led to bribery; the rich and those with D.C. connections could get their bonds unfrozen, but not the middle-class men and women who desperately needed the money.

They had no influence or campaign contributions to peddle, so they were left to starve and die. Their need was not “essential” enough. Just like today, where formerly prosperous small business owners are lining up at the food bank because of government directives and corruption in America.

Is the plight of those forsaken debt-holders really any different than the plight of America’s small business owners today? Hundreds of thousands of small, family-owned businesses have been forced at gunpoint to close because they’re not “essential” while equally unessential businesses with government connections are allowed to remain open. If that’s not corrupt rule by brute force, then I don’t know what is.

As usual, the root of the problem isn’t capitalism. Corruption in America wouldn’t exist if the free market were allowed to and we were still a nation of laws rather than men. But, because of socialists like FDR and Bernie Sanders, we’re stuck with a mixed economy that allows for absurd amounts of government control. That government control has resulted in corporatism; government by and of big business at the expense of capitalism and entrepreneurs.

We need to fix that. Small businesses are the backbone of the American economy. They allow middle-class Americans to be owners and bosses rather than just wage slaves for vast conglomerates. Yet our government has decided to destroy them in the name of stopping something no worse than the flu. Let’s reopen the economy for these distressed small businesses before it’s too late! Corruption in America can’t be allowed to remain this prevalent and deleterious.

By: Gen Z Conservative