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Corruption And Scandals Everywhere: Where Is The Outrage?

Trust in our government is a fool’s errand.

I realized recently that I could not keep up with all the scandals and corruption that are surging through D.C. presently. And I doubt anyone else could either. The socialists have been gradually taking over our country as we have slept and are now panicking as we slowly wake up and begin to fight back.

The WEF plan was to keep President Trump from reversing their influence and reversing their cash flow back to the U.S. from honey holes abroad. The plan was accomplished with the election fraud but, unfortunately, the planned flu bug also dissolved the supply lines of industry to the point of systemic collapse. This situation has alarmed people worldwide. As the world becomes desperate for food and fuel, the usual patterns of military bluff and bluster will reemerge from the shadows. In the meantime, the curtain hiding the graft has been reopened and it will be difficult to close.

Some examples follow the recently revealed societal/governmental corruption.  There are so many to consider, therefore jogging the memory is essential.  These are the ones I remember.  There are probably others.

Federal Reserve members have been caught personally investing in stocks and funds with inside information.  Their names are Kaplan, Rosengren, and Clarida.  This corruption brings to the fore the realization that our monetary supply is built to benefit the New York financial set, not the citizenry.  In the past, only the tinfoil hat crowd believed this was the case.  Now we understand that the idea of a few banksters benefitting was quite accurate and quite probably understated.  The Federal Reserve must go the way of the Dodo bird. Gold is a very nice basis for our currency as it cannot be duplicated and keeps a semblance of discipline in our politicians.

Some of the main groups wailing and weeping for illegal aliens to be received with open arms are the Lutheran and Roman Catholic charities.  Why would that occur?  There are certainly people within our own country that can use help of all kinds, and the charities could easily concentrate there.  It turns out that these “charities” are funded by the Feds with our tax dollars.  More aliens equal more money for these groups. Our taxes have again been usurped for campaign donations. 

It was announced last week that 130 judges were found to be ruling on cases in which they had a financial interest.  American jurisprudence has been revealed to use a third-world model and has been politically oriented in several cases this year.  This report shows the level of financial corruption in our system.  The financial recompense for the entire court system has been shown to be corrupt as well.

Another legal corruption scandal is the Saint Louis Family Court system.  These leeches use their standing as lawyers and judges to strip funds for their own purse from families in a terrible situation and the link shows that they have tried to attack the citizen that exposed their corruption.  It is another financial scam that is a condemnation of our legal system and socialist country.

The FISA abuse scandal is an outgrowth of the “Patriot Act” that allows the complete eradication of your legal right to privacy.  Many people have suffered because of this tyranny, most were completely innocent.  Many warrants were not properly constructed and, in some cases such as the Trump witch hunt, put innocent people in legal jeopardy.

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The CDC is an excellent place to acquire money.  There are many drug companies willing to subsidize the research fellows’ pockets, plus there is a cushy government salary, and includes grants from foundations plus governmental employee benefits.  

When that aspect is added to the prestige of what used to be an admired institution, you had a comfortable nest; all that is required is the ability to lie.  It has been revealed as total corruption.  The National Education Association is allowed to make health policy in collusion with the CDC for the political purpose of donations to socialists and paid time off for teachers.

Our law enforcement is not enforcing laws equally. BLM gets a pass on everything, and Capitol protestors languish in jail.  The FBI forges FISA applications and covers up its investigation on the sexual assault of female gymnasts.  They also conspire to trap political opponents by infiltration of protest groups and release false statements by their own spies in their support.  Consider what happened with the Governor Whitmer fake plot and D.C. protestors as just two examples.

We have military traitors in charge that are only concerned with their own advancement.  Very few generals or admirals have ever seen combat.  We currently have 32 admirals for every ship in the Navy.  There were 24 ships for every flag officer in WW 2. The numbers would be amusing if they were not so pathetic. Paper shufflers breed like rabbits.  We could cut our military budget in half and be much happier for it.  The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Ms. Milley, is better suited to leading the Theban Sacred Band than our armed forces.

Our United States Attorney General has just issued a proclamation regarding school board meetings.  The FBI will help investigate any disruptions of meetings that fulfill the definitions of harassment, intimidation, and threats against administrators or school boards.  The protests at these meetings consist of wanting mask mandates removed and the elimination of critical race theory. The cause of this edict was that the National School Boards Association whined to Joe Bribems’ government to save them from the responsibility of pursuing their socialist agenda for our public schools.  

The next step will be the withholding of Federal funds for non-responsive districts, which will come down from the Department of Education in the form of an executive order using your tax dollars. 

The whole list is breathtaking.  There is little left of the republic in which we grew up.  It is small wonder the D.C. inhabitants fight any attempt to clean this swamp. Is this government salvageable?  No, we are past that point.  The only question is “Are you willing to fight for your children?”

The Madame, Blue State Conservative

Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a patriotic American offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.