CORRUPT POLITICS: Democrats Pocket Cash From Russian Lobbyists While Pushing Pipeline

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Just when you believe Democrats couldn’t possibly be any more corrupt, another revelation is exposed that tops the previous act of treachery.

This latest act of malfeasance involves the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline and top Senate Democrats as they accept campaign “cash donation” (bribes) from lobbyists pushing the controversial Russian pipeline in Europe. This follows America’s own Keystone Pipeline, which would have provided over 40,000 well-paying jobs along with making America energy independent, shutting down.

According to Axios News, a laundry list of top Democrats received campaign donations from Washington lobbyists looking for sanction relief enforced in 2019 under the Trump administration.

Among this list, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer received the legal maximum donation of $5,000. Other Democratic senators receiving the maximum donations from Russian lobbyists included Catherine Cortez Masto, Richard Blumenthal, and Patty Murray. Lesser amounts of $2,900 were also donated to Democratic Senator Maggie Hassan as primary contributions.

During the 2019 debate on the senate floor, in regards to continuing sanctions on the Russian pipeline, Senator Schumer vehemently argued that the Trump imposed sanctions were “inexplicable and outrageous,” according to Politico.

At the time, President Trump realized that a Russian pipeline across Europe would undermine the 1949 treaty that created NATO as a collective buffer against the Soviet Union.

Trump predicted that in time, Germany along with all the other NATO nations in Europe would be a “hostage of Russia.” Currently 40% of all natural gas used by the NATO member nations is supplied by Russia.

The current buildup of Russian troops along the Ukraine border and the potential of a mass invasion using Russia’s natural gas delivery system, which currently runs through Ukraine, also gives Russia the excuse they need to invade their neighbor.

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Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas had warned the Biden administration not to end the Trump sanctions, stating at the time, “The Biden administration is at risk of creating a generational, geopolitical catastrophe for the U.S. by allowing Nord Stream 2 to come online. American weakness has already emboldened Putin to escalate his use of energy as a weapon and regional aggression. I urge my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to reassert our bipartisan consensus that Putin’s pipeline is bad for American national security and the security of our allies, and to impose sanctions on entities constructing the pipeline before it is able to come online.”

Senate Republicans are poised to vote next week on a possible measure to override Biden’s suspension of the sanctions. This would require the White House to seek congressional approval if the administration wants to waive sanctions in the future.

The measure is being sponsored by Sen. James Risch of Idaho, the ranking Republican on the Foreign Relations Committee. It is not currently clear how many Democrats will break ranks with the White House and support the amendment.

Meanwhile, chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey, also slammed Biden’s decision in May to suspend the sanctions. Menendez is introducing his own bill that would impose harsh sanctions against Russia if it invades Ukraine, however it would not impose any sanctions against the pipeline.

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