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Meme: Why Are Corporations Changing Their Logos to Rainbows

It’s June, and you know what that means- Gay Pride Month! I call it degeneracy pride month, but I suppose that’s just me; I’m not one of those corporations changing their logos to rainbows, so I have a bit more wiggle room. To be clear, it shouldn’t need to be said, but, just in case, it seems like a bad idea to openly celebrate sin by using a biblical symbol…

In any case, around this time of year, corporations tend to change their logos.

Is it because new marketers were hired? Because they wanted to purge non-woke symbols, such as a black woman or Native American, from their corporate image? Perhaps as a way to show a new merger? No, maybe, and no. The Big Business woketards are changing their corporate logos to rainbows as a way to appease the woke.

Yes, it’s idiotic. Yes, it’s pandering. But, worst of all, it shows how few men of internal fortitude there are in corporate America.

Can anyone honestly say, however much change there might have been in the fifties, that a titan of industry from back then, if transplanted into our modern world, would have his company fly a rainbow flag or put one in its Twitter bio? Would Churchill or JFK order their embassies to signify degeneracy by flying a rainbow flag abroad? Of course not!

But such men were made of sterner stuff. Churchill stood up to the Nazi menace and won. JFK never blinked in his confrontations with Khrushchev. Corporate leaders focused on building great products, not on appeasing idiotic, radical employees and customers. They wanted to present an image of American greatness and did so. It was a marvelous time, a time of grandeur, majesty, and American exceptionalism.

Nowadays we’re not so lucky. CEOs and other public figures, excepting an exceptional few, aren’t focused on doing the right thing anymore. They’re globalists that care about the “world community” as much (or more) than they care about America, leeches that suck off what their forefathers built, and degerates that openly showcase their sin. But, most of all, they want to rake in cash. Whatever that takes doing, from developing subtly addictive products to appeasing the sick tastes of their fellow degenerates, they’ll do. So, our companies go along with all of it in the chase of the almighty dollar.

That’s why corporations are changing their logos to rainbows. It’s not because they really care about gay rights or want to stand up for a persecuted minority. They don’t and gays aren’t persecuted in the West, thanks to its slide into degeneracy and moral relativism. Nope, it’s all in service to the dollar. They care about it more than their values or homeland.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook

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