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Corporations are Bowing Down to Terrorists

Insanity in America: Corporations are Bowing Down to Terrorists

What’s happening in America right now is absolutely insane. It makes some degree of sense that politicians on the left are going along with the party line as conceived by Antifa and the Black Lives Matter rioters. But, what does not make any sense at all, in my opinion, is the fact that corporations are bowing down to terrorists.

Nike: A Prime Example of How Corporations are Bowing Down to Terrorists

Yes, I said that correctly. Corporations are bowing down to terrorists. Nike is supporting Colin Kaepernick’s attempts to turn hating America into a career path. They let him be the arbiter of what is racist and what is not, which is what led them to erase the Betsy Ross sneaker, if you remember that shameful display of corporate virtue signaling. Nike bowed down to a man who calls our brave police officers pigs, hates America, and supports BLM and Antifa, both of which are terrorist organizations.

Yet worse, Nike has turned Kaepernick into one of its main spokespeople. That’s right, an American corporation chose someone who hates America to represent its brand. That’s shameful, shows that corporations are bowing down to terrorists, and will most likely hurt Nike in the long run.

A company’s only goal should be to maximize value for its shareholders. That’s a central tenet of capitalism and is explicitly stated by Milton Friedman in Capitalism and Freedom. Value cannot be maximized if a company embraces controversial figures that alienate at least half the country, as Kaepernick does. The tyranny of the minority can not and should not extend to industry. Otherwise, companies will only be able to sell to a small fraction of the population, which will in turn lead to lower profits. Profits are what drive growth, investment, and new jobs.

If Nike is okay with building sweatshops in Southeast Asia to maximize its profit, then why is it not okay with the idea that maybe America isn’t the evilest place on Earth? Kaepernick hates America and the public knows it. Nike is an example of how corporations are bowing down to terrorists because it is the company that supports the man that made hating America mainstream and wants to rip apart our culture, statues, and history in the same way that the Taliban and ISIS destroy historical artifacts that don’t align with Islamic theology.

nike hates betsy ross- corporations are bowing to terrorists

Example Two: Professional Sports

The next example of how corporations are bowing down to terrorists is how professional sports leagues have treated BLM radicals.

Remember Bubba Wallace? The Nascar driver that made up a hate crime so he could use accusations of racism to strip Nascar of its unique culture in the same manner that terrorists in the Middle East use threats of violence to effect social change and halt reform?

Well, Nascar rolled out the red carpet for that guy. Confederate flags are no longer allowed. All Nascar drivers had to support Wallace. Accusations of racism and being behind the times abounded. And then the team of 15 FBI agents dispatched to investigate one supposed noose found that it was actually a garage pulley that had been there for years. Nascar’s reaction to the BLM radicals is an excellent, if disheartening, example of how corporations are bowing down to terrorists.

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Next up on this tour of how professional sports leagues show that corporations are bowing down to terrorists is the NBA. That group of crooks has routinely bowed down to the terroristic Red Chinese government. That government has used an atmosphere of fear and threats of bodily harm to shut down protests in Hong Kong and destroy Hong Kong’s freedom. Is that not exactly how you’d expect a terrorist group to act?

So, what has the NBA done? Has it stood up to those terrorists in China? Nope. Instead, it has punished players for speaking out on China’s evil actions. If that’s not an example of how corporations are bowing down to terrorists, then I don’t know what is.

Example 3: Media Companies are the Best Examples of How Corporations are Bowing Down to Terrorists

Antifa is a terrorist organization full of violent thugs that hate America and want to use violence to intimidate peaceful Americans and effect social change. They want to erase our history, tear down our statues, and attack conservative college students that believe in free speech. The BLM is little better, if at all better. It is a group headed by trained Marxists and has inspired numerous attacks against police officers, including an attack in Texas that killed five cops and wounded nine more. It’s also a terrorist group.

However, if you only watch the fake news media and its propaganda reels, then you wouldn’t know any of that. Far from thinking that corporations are bowing down to terrorists when they donate to the BLM or other far-left groups, you’d think they’re doing the right thing! That is the exact opposite of what the truth is!

In reality, corporations are bowing down to terrorists when they donate to those groups. Not only are they voluntarily giving up money that could otherwise be invested in future growth, they’re also surrendering their interests to the interests of those that hate them. The BLM is full of Marxists. Anyone with a cursory knowledge of communism and/or Marxism knows that those types of people hate companies, especially big ones. So, why are companies donating to a Marxist organization that’s full of anti-American communists? Because of the media.

The fake news media is the group at the center of all of this nonsense. It- CNN, MSNBC, etc.- are using their soapbox to lie about the true nature of Antifa and the BLM. Those groups are full of terrorists that hate America and are burning down our cities. Their leaders are Marxists that believe in nothing that America stands for. But, for some reason, the leftist-controlled media that Andrew Breitbart lambastes in Righteous Indignation is unreservedly supporting them.

As a result, corporations are between a rock and a hard place. On one had, they can donate to or otherwise appease the BLM radicals and hope to gain a reprieve from protests and attacks. But, doing so exposes them as leftists or leftist supporters, thus turning off the conservative half of the country that hates corporate virtue signaling. On the other hand, those companies can disprove my assertion that corporations are bowing down to terrorists true by refusing to give any money or support to the BLM or Antifa. The result of that is what has recently happened to Goya foods; protesters riot and boycott companies that engage in thought crimes.

That impossible decision of what to do only exists because of the media. If the media spoke truthfully about what Antifa and the BLM/ Black Panther radicals actually do, then no one would have to point out that corporations are bowing down to terrorists because companies would have no reason to support those groups. If normal Americans learned the truth, which is that Antifa rioters and BLM protesters are terrorists, then those groups would not have the power they currently enjoy and companies would have no reason to feel pressured to support them.

So, as usual, Trump is right about this issue. The fake news media is the enemy of America and is destroying our country. It needs to start being truthful. Otherwise, its lies will rip America apart and destroy the prosperity that we currently enjoy. This aspect of the problem is similar to the idea that Big Tech is the enemy of freedom.


When I was writing about how corporations are bowing down to terrorists by supporting communist groups- the BLM, Antifa, and the Chinese Communist Party, two quotations came to mind.

The first comes from Animal Farm by George Orwell. At one point in that book, the geese are so brainwashed by the pigs (the communist dictators) that they walk around the farm on their own two legs chanting “Four legs good, two legs bad.” I’ll explore that “Four legs good, two legs bad” quotation more in a later post, but as for now, I hope you agree that it shows the insanity of the fact that corporations are bowing down to terrorists by supporting groups diametrically opposed to private property.

The second comes from my favorite book, Atlas Shrugged. In it, there is a railroad owner named Dan Conway who has to give up his railroad because of the “common good” and a bill called the “Anti-Dog Eat Dog” Bill. Speaking to the protagonist, Dagny Taggart, Conway remarks that:

“Dagny, the whole world’s in a terrible state right now. I don’t know what’s wrong with it, but something’s very wrong. Men have to get together and find a way out. But who’s to decide which way to take, unless it’s the majority? I guess that’s the only fair method of deciding, I don’t see any other. I suppose somebody’s got to be sacrificed. If it turned out to be me, I have no right to complain.” (

Is that not now corporations are acting right now as it becomes clear that corporations are bowing down to terrorists? The companies I mentioned in this post are all thriving because of America and capitalism. Yet they’re listening to anti-American and anti-capitalist radicals and, in the process, sacrificing themselves, their shareholders, and their interests. That’s evil and wrong. We need to stop this process of corporate self-immolation before it’s too late and the American economy is destroyed.

By: Gen Z Conservative